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Nakanishi proves 2-d string theories inconsistent(?)

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    From Peter Woit's http://www.math.columbia.edu/~woit/wordpress/?p=643#comments"
    some guy named Nakanishi claims to have proven that 2-d string theories are inconsistent:

    Back to the drawing board?
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    Lubos Motl replied:

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    But if this were true, it wouldn't demonstrate 2D string theory "inconsistent", would it? It would only invalidate one proof of anomoly-free-ness.

    Very interesting either way, I would love to see some explanation of what this means and some people weighing in on whether Nakanishi's argument is valid. For example, why were Witten et al "not aware of the fundamental difference between T-product quantities and T*-product ones" as Nakanishi claims? Was this divergence between the two products something which was discovered only more recently? Heck, what is a T-product?

    Unfortunately I do have to say I have a lot of trouble taking anything Lubos Motl says seriously at face value.
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