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Nanotechology-why is it so popular?

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    Hello! Everybody knows why nanotechnology became so popular? Since what time? I mean popular not among scientists. May be it is a well-made PR-action? who was "customer"? I suppose, when we say innovation, we have in mind nanotechnology, but in the same time not many people know the nanotechnology definition.
    I need your help. Thanks!
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    As with anything else, a catchy name gets public attention. The same thing happened with interferon for cancer treatment and just about every other innovation that the public doesn't understand.
    The beneficial side of nanotech is that it will allow us to do stuff that was never possible before... probably the most important of which is in the area of medicine.
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    It is also popular because the US Govt. has put money into it. In late 1999 and into 2000, there is a new nanoscience and nanotechnology http://www.nano.gov/" [Broken]. When such a thing is done, there is a cascade effects in which many scientific and technical positions that are opened, and experts in such areas are in high demand. These centers have a huge ripple effects on many academic institutions, since these centers are not only employing scientists and engineers, but also are users center in which users from other institutions are invited to work and use the facilities. So, taking into account the research money that have been allocated to this endeavor, plus the availability of research facility, one can immediately see why that this area is taking off and is one of the hottest research area currently.

    The Center for Nanoscale Material here at Argonne is almost ready for operation. The new building looks like it has been completed, while its administrative and scientific operations have already been going on for at least the past year or two. So it is going to be even "hotter" and popular soon, especially when several other centers will be opening in succession.

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