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Nasa's Kepler mission and planet X / Nibiru

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    I was just searching the net to find something to read about 2012 (doom's day) :-) ...

    And i got to know about nibiru , south pole telescope and black patches in google sky etc...suddenly one thought struck my mind..i knew that nasa was going to launch a new satellite to find earth like planets in orion belt and in places near it... the date of it's launch is 6th march 2009 and missions length is about 3.5 years so the mission will end on about mid september 2012 (near so called doom's day [12/21/2009] )..

    MY QUESTION IS :- Does it have to do something with Planet x's existance.... beacause till now it's existance is not clear..
    May be nasa has launched the satellite to find planet X or may be they now that it's there and they are taking precautions... :-D
    Please write your comments and what u think...
    By the way I'm an atheist so don't try to pull me in religion or mythology war ..i'm just asking this because I'm curious.
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    Sorry, we don't talk about "dooms day" or any other crackpot subject. If you have a valid question about the Kepler mission, then please start a new thread, making sure you keep it strictly scientific.
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