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National Student Clearing House dilemma

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    Several years ago, my parents allowed my cousin from Canada who was in the States illegally to use my social to teach tennis at a local community college. He needed an SSN to get paid. We we born on the same day and have somewhat similar names. He taught tennis for a semester, got paid and went back to Canada.

    Unknown to me, he entered the US again the next year, enrolled at the same community college this time as a student using my social. He took a year's worth of classes before he went back to Canada.

    When I heard of the National Student Clearing House, it got me worried. Because medical schools check for enrollment with the National Student Clearing House. They will show me as having enrolled at a community college when I was 19 and getting 30 credits with a 2.1 GPA. But this is not me - this is my cousin who used my social.

    Medical schools are very wary of making an offer to anyone with an iffy background. What do I do about this mess now without getting my family into trouble?
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    You need your cousin to write you a letter detailing what he did and submit it to the clearinghouse to expunge the records. You need to do this before you apply to med school. If he won't do it, you need to do it through an attorney. You then need the clearinghouse to send you a letter acknowledging that they know about it.

    You should worry more about your life's future than about getting a cousin in trouble for doing something wrong. If you loose out on a carreer in medicine, how will he make it up to you?
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    Your parents are idiots. You need to get them to rectify the problem that they made for you.
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    A drunk driver slammed into my mother and she is permanently in a nursing home. They cannot help me and I don't want to complicate their lives more.
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    That's unfortunate to hear about your mother but tbh you're royally screwed unless you fix this problem. You're in a legally messed up situation and unless you can get a letter from your parents and your cousin stating what they did and that you should not be held responsible for their actions then I can't see this problem ever being fixed. Even with the letters I am still uneasy about whether or not you will be ok.
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    First off, does anyone know exactly how much medical schools may be able to find about me?
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    Do universities provide the National Student Clearinghouse with student social security numbers?
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    This is a wrong question to ask.
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    I meant, how much can they find out about me through the National Student Clearinghouse?
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    Lurker are you thinking about working around this without rectifying it? Or are you worrying that if you try to fix this you will look like you did something illegal?
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    Well, they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I am just trying to find out if medical schools know that much. I don't want to get into deeper problems.
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    You say one thing, but then you seem to want to do another.
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    Yeah I have to agree with Ryker.

    It's broke...so broke and you really should fix it. Right now you are in a good position to clear things up, your cousin used your social for something without you knowing. If you try to circumvent rectifying things and are discovered you will have much deeper problems.
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    Well, students exaggerate and say medical schools look for you on Facebook, MySpace, they google you, and most of that is untrue from a talk that two medical Deans gave at my university a year ago. Maybe they don't even bother with the National Student Clearinghouse. And even if I try to get my own data, I first need to type in a university's name to get my records from that university. Maybe medical schools have to do something similar. So it would be impossible for them to search thousands of universities for me. I just need to have more details of the whole process before I risk putting my family in any trouble, that's all.
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    I think this is the wrong forum, wrong question, and wrong intention. You should contact an attorney or other qualified professional to help you sort this problem.
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    Perhaps you could anonymously ask people at several medical schools to which you are not applying whether or not they check with the clearing-house. If a significant portion of them don't, I wouldn't pursue the matter further. However, if a lot of them do check, then you should either append an addendum to your application explaining the situation, or try to resolve the situation by legal means. The latter option is sure to be a huge hassle, though (at the very least), so should be avoided if possible.
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    I agree with Pyrrhus
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    Thanks - I love this advice. So simple and I had never even thought of it.
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    I'd personally get a new SSN! Who the hell uses someone elses SSN WITHOUT THEM KNOWING (I'm talking about the 2nd time when you didn't know).

    If he did it once, whose to say he wouldn't do it again?

    It's fairly easy to get a new SSN as well; I believe they simply attach an extra number to the end of your SSN.

    Of course, that's simply what I feel you should do as far as the SSN goes. This student clearing house is a whole other story. You absolutely should get it cleared up.
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