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Natural gas, Water, standard oil. say motor oil properties

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    how we doing? i was just wondering does anyone have the properties of the following similar to the images attached.Natural gas, Water, standard oil. say motor oil properties.any oil properties would do me really? i would be vary grateful if i could get a copy of each of these of someone there doesnt seem to be much online.. thanks in advance

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    Your attachments don't work. What details do you need?
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    natural gas 2of2.jpg

    natural gas 1of2.jpg

    these any good?

    am just a chart with..
    densities, viscosities, room temps, standard operating pressures/ temperatures compressibility factors. volumetric flowrates, molecuar weights. composition.. aswell if possible .. thanks in advance...
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    Those attachments look fine.

    Your example seems to show standard or max/min limiting conditions for some kind of process, rather than material or chemical properties. The first page shows specification values for natural gas, but it isn't data as such.

    Density and viscosity are easy (just get googling!), but temperatures, operating pressures and flow rates are specific to whatever process you're concerned with.

    Can we ask the reason for your question?
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