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Ncaa march madness and quantum mechanics

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    lets hear it for physics majors! andrew nicholson of st bonaventure, that is.


    "Once he got to campus, Nicholson found that his chemistry labs were difficult to schedule because they coincided with practice. After discussing switching majors with his family, he decided on equally rigorous physics. His favorite class is quantum mechanics.

    “He’s just one of the physics majors,” said the physics department’s chairman, Jerry Kiefer. “I don’t really have any specific stories about him. In a way, that might be the story.”

    Things did not come easily for Nicholson, who put on about 35 pounds thanks to the strength coach Darryn Fiske and developed a work ethic that eventually matched his penchant for equations. He averaged 18.4 points and 8.5 rebounds this season, capping a monster year with a 26-point, 14-rebound performance to steal a bid in the [ncaa] tournament."
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