Can I Learn Quantum Mechanics in Time for Research?

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I understand the concepts well but the math is hard for me. I think I would be better off with a different textbook.In summary, the student is struggling with the textbook and the professor recommends another book.
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Is this possible?

I am a second semester sophomore in college. Physics major (obviously) lol. I've completed calculus, physics I and II, and modern physics I. I currently have modern physics II, quantum mechanics, and differential equations. I have such a weird and backwards schedule because I am doing research with my advisor and he needed me to know QM. Basically his current research student is graduating and I have very little time to communicate with him and eventually take his place. For the research I am using the textbook by Liboff 4th Edition. For my QM course we are using Griffiths (my lifeline). The problem is the Liboff book has the material I need for research, but it is exceedingly difficult to learn from this book. I've read the material no less than 3 times but when I try to complete some of the exercises I find myself clueless. I understand the concepts of QM well, but being snobishly elitist the math is difficult to pick up. The Griffiths book I have no problem with. Anyways, with two different textbooks and different material, do I even stand a chance of learning this stuff before it's too late? Anyone have any suggestions?
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So if I understand what your situation is, you need to step into the research soon but you don't yet know what the current research student is doing, is that right? And it's difficult to meet with this student?

Well I suppose the prof would know what the status of the project is (I hope). So is it really necessary that you talk to the student?

I share your opinion on Liboff, btw.
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Well, the situation is that I have to learn the material as soon as possible. But He's cramming chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 into about 3 or 4 weeks with the Liboff book. The past few days it just seems as if I'm learning nothing using this book.

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