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NCG 07 (Trieste workshop noncommututative manifolds w. appl. physics)

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    http://www.sissa.it/fm/ncg07.html [Broken]
    Workshop on Noncommutative Manifolds II
    Trieste NCG07
    October 22-26, 2007

    The Department of Mathematics of the University of Trieste and the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) organize a workshop on Noncommutative Manifolds. The workshop will be devoted to recent developments in noncommutative differential geometry with emphasis on the definition and examples of noncommutative manifolds, the construction of spectral triples and in particular of the Dirac operators, relations to quantum groups and applications in mathematical physics.

    The program will consist of a number of lectures by leading experts (suitable for students and young post-doc) and several more advanced seminars.

    Alain Connes (Collége de France and Vanderbit University, USA)
    Shahn Majid (Queen Mary, UK)
    Matilde Marcolli* (MPIM, Germany)


    Roberto Percacci (SISSA, Italy)
    Marc Rieffel (Berkeley University, USA)
    over 20 talks listed, I just pick two names to give an idea. Roberto Percacci has contributed the ASYMPTOTIC SAFETY chapter, and Q/A, for Daniele Oriti's book
    *Approaches to Quantum Gravity, towards a new understanding of space, time, and matter*
    Percacci has been investigating NONPERTURBATIVELY RENORMALIZABLE gravity for about as long as Martin Reuter. His 2007 paper on f(R) gravity gave some of the most convincing evidence of the existence of the high-end fixed point (this was by Percacci Codello Rahmede---it has been mentioned several places by Reuter.)
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