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NE555 Timer inventor passes away

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    Hello Members and Visitors

    Only a couple of weeks late .... it just came to my notice and scrolling back through threads I dont see any other mention

    Hans R. Camenzind (1934 – August 8th, 2012) was a Swiss electronics engineer best known for inventing the 555 timer IC in 1970
    Sad day indeed, what an amazing little chip and still going strong


    Mentors .... wasnt sure if to post this in here or in PF lounge general discussion ? feel free to move it if appropriate :)


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    May Hans R. Camenzind rest in peace! His invention has facilitated uncounted applications world-wide. Maybe the folks in his hometown in Switzerland will erect a monument (8-pin dual-in-line integrated circuit?) on their town square.
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    Rest in peace Hans R. Camenzind. We will never forget your awesome invention. Your IC555 was my first love. :D Thank you so much!
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