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Need a best book in which following topics should be covered.

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    Hi experts!

    I need a book in which construction, working and types of the following topics should be given.
    I don't know much about these instruments. That's why kindly help me out.
    Suggest me a best book.

    list here:
    3)rain gauge meter
    5)wind vane

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    The first two sites below offer free documents about weather instruments. The remaining three sites show books on the subject. I cannot recommend any specific book.
    www.davisnet.com/product.../weather/catalog.../Weather_Catalog.pdf [Broken]
    www.deltaeducation.com/downloads/samples.../738-6022DSR.pdf [Broken]
    http://www.novalynx.com/lynx-books.html [Broken]
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