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Need a topic for paper in modern physics

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    I am writing a paper on a "modern" modern physics experiment and need some help on finding a subject to write about. Any help on finding a topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Physics at the CMS detector at CERN's LHC?
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    What kind of course is this for? What level (high school or college/university)?
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    it is for college level modern physics
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    Ok, do you have any suggestions on your own?

    What about my suggestion?
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    I am actually doing research on CERN, ALICE, and the LHC now. Thanks. Many other topics such as schrodengers cat and more famous topics have already been taken so I wasn't sure of a topic to choose.
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    I think a undergraduate paper on black hole rain would be a wonderful subject. You can never be proven specifically wrong but you can show how a blackhole is supercooled through M=e/c2. Quark rain!
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