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Need advice about my engineering schooling

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    Hey everyone! I'm an Electrical Engineering student, just finished up my first year of college, and I need some advice about what to do.

    I have some extra classes for my next three years, and I have some ideas about what might be good ideas. Here are the five ideas I have of what to do in addition to my EE degree:

    Physics double major.
    Computer science minor, physics minor, two years of a internship, or a second language (thinking maybe Japanes?)

    I could to two minors, one minor and the intership, one minor and the second language, or internship and a language. Or I could just got one double major in physics. Anybody have good advice as towards what I should do? Thank you very much!
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    I think you'e going to get a lot of varied responses here. Personally I am of the opinion that minors aren't really worth the time. If you can work it in, an internship will be some valuable experince that you should try to get. In your position, you will most likely have a standard college student's resume, which isn't much. You can stand out from the masses by getting some "real world" time. It will only benefit you in the long run. Double majors are nice, but I would not sacrifice a chance at real experience to get the extra degree.
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