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Need advice for an average biology student worried about the future.

  1. Dec 3, 2013 #1
    This thread is geared towards biology professionals who have only attained a Bachelors degree in the biology/science related field and who have had a minimum work experience of 5+ years.

    Long story short, I'm an average sophomore pursing a BS in Biology, age 28 and have already been thinking about the future. Initially, I want to assist then eventually conduct research but the problems that I can already foresee are:

    1.) I'll be graduating from a small college that does not have a prestigious biology program. Nothing amazing about this college. Just your local college offering an ordinary biology degree.
    2.) My GPA will probably be around 2.0 < x < 3.0
    3.) Not getting accepted into a graduate program in the biology field due to my GPA.
    4.) Plateauing somewhere down the road due to my inability to progress academically.
    5.) In the future, I want to lead/call the shots for a project/division but won't be able to b/c I don't have the additional education needed for the position.

    I am really passionate about the biology field, want to make a difference/contribute in the world and would like to continue but due to these circumstances, I'm not sure if it is wise to continue. Should I change my major or continue? If you are going to respond, please include the following:

    1.) Your GPA in college.
    2.) Years working in the biology field.
    3.) How you have progressed or plateaued with JUST a Bachelor's degree.
    4.) Your personal advice.

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  3. Dec 4, 2013 #2
    I am not a biology major, but I know a couple of people in biology and biological chemistry who have about 3.95 GPA from top unis + very strong graduate degrees + great research experience, and still can't find any on-going biology research jobs. My advice would be to try to get a job via your personal contacts.
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