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Need advice for working towards Astrophysics degree

  1. Dec 15, 2011 #1
    I am currently in the military, so most of the time a traditional classroom setting is not appropriate for me. I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations on an online college (or a college that offers distance learning) that I can start an A.S. in Physics, thus putting me closer to a Bachelors or higher in Astrophysics? Thanks for anything you all can give.
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    Don't bother with an A.S. (Assuming anywhere actually offered one for physics, or even an articulated transfer A.A.). In the military you have the opportunity to take Dante's exams and other things (I believe that's what they are called). Self-study and use these free opportunities to knock out all the various humanities and general education courses you need to take. Your base is probably in cooperation with a local college somewhere. Figure out what local school (that is accredited, a community college or something) you can work with to start learning mathematics. There really isn't much more physics that you can take at a 2 year level outside Physics I and II. You should figure out how your Military Command goes about allowing students time off and such, and how tuition works, and then speak with the school they work with to finish everything that is listed as a pre-requisite for transfer students in the catalog of a 4 year physics university that you wish to attend.
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    Thanks for the advice, QuarkCharmer. I guess the best people to speak with would be our Education Center. They should be able to get me into something. There are three different types of tests available to knock these kinds of things out (CLEP, DSST, eCBT). Hopefully I can get these done without a problem. Once again, thanks for everything!
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