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Programs Recommendation for an online master's degree in astrophysics?

Next year I'm considering an online masters in astrophysics / astronomy. Any recommendations / has anyone done one? Top universities in this field?

I have a B.Sc and M.Sc in mathematics and strong background in computer science / data analytics so I want one which is technical. The options I found so far are:

Liverpool John Moores MSc Astrophysics (1year FT)

Liverpool John Moors Msc Observation Astrophysics (1year FT)

Swinburne MSc Astronomy (2years FT)

University of Southern QLD MSc Astrophysics (2years FT)

The LPJM ones look good but are only 1year FT compared to the Australian ones... can they be as good? They all have research components.

I should add that my motivation for this study is to be eligible for casual research in the field as a research assistant... utilizing my compsci/algorithms/data analytics/statistics skills. I wouldn't go on to do PhD or specialize in this field.
It's my only practical option, locally, doing it around work commitments etc.

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