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Programs Need advice in choosing PhD topics, combination of physics and computer science

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    Hi all, I am just joined, so I am new here.

    I have a bachelor in Physics, and master in Telecommunication management. I have few years working in ICT projects doing varied stuff start from programming and network design. However, I did not feel satisfied with this kind of work. Since I can't throw away my passion on fundamental research. So I decide that I want to do a PhD.

    Currently I am facing an opportunity to do PhD research in a Radio-Astronomy institution. However, I still cannot decide, should I focus on the computer science aspect or the Physics/astronomy aspect. I have a thought to do research on applying Quantum computing for astronomical research, but I still do not have a clue on this subject, let alone whether this is make sense or not. I do not want to become a laughing stock when I submit my research proposal ... :)

    I hope anybody here could give me an advice. Thanks in advance.
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    No advice. Just wanted to welcome you! :smile:
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    Hi Greg, thanks for welcoming me.

    Usually in a forum, there is a special sub-forum for newbie introduction, but can't found it on this forum.
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    This may sound obvious, but shouldn't you be directing this question to your Ph.D supervisor?

    Maybe things are done slightly differently in different parts of the world, but I can't believe that your advisor has zero input in determining what line of research you can, and should, be doing.

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    rules are just below the "Physics Forums" - logo.

    Each subforum here has its "sticky" threads which one has to read.

    enjoy your stay!
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    Around here we tend to do that in the "General Discussion" forum, but we're not big on formalities. It's perfectly OK to just dive into one of the other forums and join in or ask a question.
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