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Schools Need advice on choosing university courses.

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    Hi there, I am going to start attending classes at the University of Ottawa starting from September and I am currently enrolled in their physics programme. The thing is, you have to register for your fall and winter courses at the same time and you have to do it quite early to get seats in your desired courses. So, basically I took all the recommended courses for someone in the Hons.BSc.Physics programme and I signed up for a Calculus II course in the winter. The problem is, right now, I'm a little confused about whether I want to do honours in Physics or honours in Physics/mathematics or even in just math. If I want to do any of the last two,I am supposed to take a somewhat different Calc course in winter. Unfortunately, that course has no space available and the prof for Calculus II is also better. What should I do? Also, I'm really confused about what electives to take. I want to take electives that won't be too boring but I also don't want them stopping me from spending a lot of time on physics and math.
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    truthfully these are answers noone can answer but yourself.

    Your just starting college, dont make a rookie mistake and burn yourself out too early.

    Many students try to take on too much their first few semesters. I would recommend your first semester take the easiest electives possible. Take electives you are truly interested in.
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