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Need advice- Waterloo co-op or U of T physics undergrad?

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    Hey guys, just thought i'd ask for some advice from you for my decision. Well i've been accepted to my top choices of u of t and waterloo co-op for physics for my undergraduate degree. Can you give me some opinion on which one i should go with? I am planning on continuing in a physics related field for my PhD. And also, would you recommend graduate school in Canada or the states? Thanks a lot in advance :)
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    Its a lot warmer in Austin.
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    What are you interested in specifically? Physics is a broad field, and any decent university will give you about the same undergraduate education. I think it really comes down to personal preference, the type of work going on at the school (ie: research opportunities), and other things.
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    Well at this point, from what ive researched online, im interested in particle physics and quantum computing. If im planning on moving on to graduate school, is the co-op program at waterloo still a big advantage?
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