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Seeking Advice for Where to Apply to University in Ontario

  1. Nov 25, 2016 #1
    Hi! I apologize in advance if you get a lot of indecisive kids like me putting spammy requests for first year university application advice and if I'm breaking any rules by putting this thread here etc just let me know.

    Anyway I'm an aspiring physicist in my last year of secondary school in Ontario Canada so naturally I've been pouring through as much information as I can find about universities in my province. By next week I will need a total of three places to apply to.

    Waterloo seems to be a top pick for me as its math/physics co-op program seems very attractive and its entrance average in the 80's is close to my anticipated mark this year. Ideally I can get into a solid school that offers co-op physics and Waterloo seems to match that fairly well...

    U of T also looks good but its entrance averages tend to be a bit higher and I've heard that it's somewhat inhospitable to undergraduates.

    I'm not sure what to choose for my third application. I was looking at Trent for their scholarships, or UOIT because of their co-op in physics but I have no idea what I should be looking for and was hoping someone might have some experiential advice on where I (or anyone else in my situation) might want to look to going.

    I am open to any suggestions or advice if you have the time to give it. Thanks
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    Andrew Mason

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    You should look at Queen's University in Kingston. Excellent physics department. Very good nuclear physics and neutrino physics research. Nobel prize last year for work at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.

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