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Need career guidance towards Astrophysics!

  1. Feb 10, 2013 #1
    Hi everyone,
    I want to do an MS in Astrophysics. The thing is, I completed my BE in Mechanical Engineering in 2009 and I had been working as an Assistant Engineer at Taj Hotels (The hospitality arm of the Tata Group).
    I was in charge of installation and maintenance of DGs, boilers, chiller plants and the like. I quit last month as I had decided to pursue MS in Astrophysics
    I am currently preparing for the GRE and the Physics GRE since the general consensus is to have a good score in the Physics GRE. I am giving my GRE in April '13 and am looking for a September 2014 admit.
    I have some qualms as to, if my age (25) and lack of experience in Astronomy/Astrophysics will deter my chances of pursuing an MS.
    I tried looking for internships or to get into astrophysics related research centres in India but the problem is that they accept only applications from students who are currently pursuing BE or M.Sc, hence I am in a bit of a dilemma as to how proceed further
    3 years work experience as an Assistant Engineer at Taj Hotels
    College - Kongu Engineering College (Affiliated to Anna University) - BE Mechanical Engineering- 72%
    12th - 92.4 %
    10th - 87.8%

    Thank You
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  3. Feb 10, 2013 #2
    Why do you assume that people on an American forum will be familiar with the terms "10th and 12th?" If you just put that out there, people won't be able to help.

    As far as I know, high school grades don't matter at this point. Other universities, like those in Germany, might ask you for them though.

    If I were you, I wouldn't focus on USA universities only. Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, etc) has lots of programs, some of which are in English. Astromundus, for example. Canadian universities also have funded master's programs. Look into those as well.

    If you are more flexible with what you want to do in physics, you could have higher chances of getting in. For e.g, try applying to earth and planetary science departments as well. Engineering physics too.

    Check this out.

    You should definitely e-mail the universities, ask whether you can still apply with a mechanical engineering degree, and that you are open to making up for any deficiencies in your physics/astro background by taking additional courses.
  4. Feb 10, 2013 #3
    I am sorry about that. 10th and 12th are the final years in high school in India. I actually had posted them as I came across some posts which stated that some universities consider overall academia of the candidate.
    Thanks a lot for the suggestions because I actually was fixated on courses in the US alone. Will mail the universities and post the responses below
    And I am quite keen on doing my MS in Astrophysics, though like you said I will check out other areas of interest also
    And I would also like to know as to the availability of short term courses and the like in US,Europe etc. I am scouting for such courses online but would be an added benefit if I could get some guidance from people who are well versed in the field. Like I said, I am looking to abridge the gap so that I will be in a better position to convince the admissions council.
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