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Need Comprehensive highscool algebra exam

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    I am trying to relearn algebra and i haven't studied in many years. I was hoping someone knew of an online exam that i can download and printout that covers most if not all of elementary algebra topics.

    There are many example questions online using applets ect buy i would like to print it out with answers so i can test myself.

    Any links would be greatly appreciated.

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    Elementary high school math

    functions: logrithmic, exponential
    radical expressions
    working with polynomials: Summing, subtracting, dividing, multipling
    analytic geometry
    systems of equations In maybe p to three variables
    i.e linear quadraitc absolute.

    Of the top of my head those are the basics requirements, you diffinitely have to MASTER those before calc.
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    Trigonometry as well.
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    you need to know how to add, multiply, and divide polynomials, perform the euclidean algortihm for finding gcd's, and use the root /factor theorem. (a is a root iff x-a is a factor).
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    Do you really need to know how to divide polynomials? I can't even remember the last time I've had to do that...
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    whens the last time you integrated a rational function? or found the gcd of two polynomials? yes knowing how to divide should obviously be considered basic.

    and just as "obviously" trigonometry is NOT algebra.
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    Crap, I could have swore this was Algebra 2.
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    news flash: algebra is about finite operations, trig is about "transcendental" functions that require infinite series to define.
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