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Testing Need electronics example problems

  1. Feb 19, 2013 #1
    Anyone know of any websites or books that have lots of electronics example problems? I'm in an Electronics for Scientists class and the book has zero examples it goes through to show you how to apply the stuff it tells you about in the chapters. The teacher doesn't go through any examples similar to questions we'll see on homework or tests, he just gives us formulas and expects us to know how to apply them to each situation we're given. So it would help if I could have example problems to look at that would show me how to use each of these electronics ideas.

    I would have put this thread in "math and science learning materials" but for some reason I can't create new threads in that forum.
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    You are extremely vague. You should elaborate on "electronics examples".
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    That's because those forums are not for requesting learning materials. They're for links to such materials, or the actual materials themselves.
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    George Jones

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    Yes. I think that it also might be helpful to specify the text that is being used for the course.
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    Yeah I guess that is vague. But the book we have is "Basic Electronics: An introduction to electronics for science students".

    The class is all about circuits. So it extends from the very basic stuff we learned in Physics 2 about circuits, such as Kirchoff's laws and stuff.
    Oh ok, I was just about to post the thread and found that forum and was happy I was going to post a thread in the right forum for once, and then I wasn't able to.
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    Schaum's Outlines of Electric Circuits
    Schaum's Outlines of Electronic Devices and Circuits

    All the examples you need.
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    Thank you very much.
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