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Need help deciding between schedules

  1. Mar 29, 2013 #1

    I am currently at a C.C and plan on majoring in engineering. I am currently in Calc 2, Physics I and Chem I. (Two labs per week is starting to get old with 3 weeks left in the semester). The C.C doesn't offer Physics II during the fall semester. I was hoping someone could analyse these two possible paths:


    Summer 2013 (All summer classes are full 15 week courses- not shortened at all)
    Calc III
    Programming (C++)

    Fall 2013
    Diff EQ

    Linear Algebra
    Physics II


    Summer 2013
    Calc III
    Physics II

    Fall 2013
    Diff EQ
    Programming (C++)

    As you can see, option II is one semester shorter before transferring. Some schools around here require Linear Algebra for engineering but some don't. My physics teacher told us to take as much math as possible. I am currently leaning towards the first path, but am somewhat worried about the 8 months between Physics I and II. Also not having labs at all over summer would be nice. I am doing better in Calc 2 than in Physics I. (We do comprehensive error analysis and write ups for all of our physics labs.)

    Just hoping some people who have been here can help me pick the better path. Is it worth the extra semester for an easier summer and the opportunity to take linear algebra? Thanks in advance,

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    Linear algebra can be taken when you transfer. Do you have any financial concerns? If not, you can't go wrong with either path. Another thing that may help you: will linear algebra transfer from your CC to the universities of interest?

    I wouldn't worry too much about the 8 month gap between Physics I and II. Some material from I is used in II, but a review before entering II will be sufficient.

    Also, I'm assuming the Programming and Physics II classes conflict in the summer. =)
  4. Mar 29, 2013 #3
    Thanks for the reply. The C++ class is actually online. I could take Physics II and Programming this summer, but then I would have to take 2 math classes in one semster. I could take Calc III and Physics II over the summer but that would be a lot of work and one of the campuses would then be 45 min from where I live (the other is only 20).
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    I just want to second this advice - if you go for option II you can take linear algebra after you transfer. If the department you transfer to does not require linear algebra, take it anyway! It is soo important. Engineering departments that do not require it are not doing right by their students.

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