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Courses How to prepare for Calculus Based Physics 2?

  1. Aug 12, 2018 #1

    Some background
    I transfer to SUNY Albany in Fall 2017 and took the following courses
    Organic chemistry 1: C+
    Calculus 2: B-
    A PHY 140 Physics I: Mechanics (3): E (like F)
    An introduction to the fundamentals of physics: Classical Mechanics. Topics include the concepts of force, energy and work applied to the kinematics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies and an introduction to special relativity
    Physics lab 1: B-

    Now, This Fall I’ll be taking
    Air Pollution Air quality
    Linear Algebra
    Quantitative analysis w/lab
    A PHY 150 Physics II: Electromagnetism (3)
    An introduction to the fundamentals of physics: electrostatics and magnetism, including the concepts of the electric and magnetic fields, electric potential and basic circuits; the laws of Gauss, Ampere, and Faraday; Maxwell’s equations; geometrical optics.
    Introduction to Biochemistry

    Now my question is:
    I retook General Physics 1 (Algebra based) in summer and will be taking calc based physics 2 in Fall. Is there anything I need to know for Physics 2? I completed calc 3 last semester. In December, I changed my major to biology, but now I’m a chemistry major. My advisor let me take physics 1 over the summer and said it will be substituted in for Physics 1 calc based.

    What topics from physics 1 comes back in physics 2? When I retook it it made more sense for me and the topics I struggle with in Fall 2017 made a lot more sense.
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    I like your honesty. Not many are brave enough to publicly declare their grades.

    But I am not familiar with your Phy 1, 2 Calc 3 syllabus. I ama not from US. Could you please briefly describe or link the syllabi?

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    Well, physics is like a compounding thing, where all previous knowledge applies. But, to try to answer your question, I think there certainly will be a focus on energy, work, and force. This time the forces will be due to electricity and magnetism, but F=ma still rules the day.

    Also, expect lots of vectors.
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    Ah perfect! I love vectors (Calc 3 was my favorite class). Thanks, I will review the work and energy.
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    Well, I actually deserved that F grade. If my professor used a curved I would have failed both physics 1 and 2. I already took Calculus 3

    I don't have the syllabi right now.
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