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Need help of establishing school engineering club

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    I'm trying to make school engineering club, in high school, and I'm team leader.
    We want to teach mechanical engineering&electrical engineering.
    But I'm little confused because of setting curriculum of our club.
    What books&What courses can be useful?
    I'm thinking Digital Fundamentals/Electronics Fundamentals(floyd) and Make: Electronics, Arduino Cookbook will be helpful.
    Any help that I recieve will be greatly appreciated.
    (Sorry for my low english level, I'm korean...)
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    Welcome to the PF. I think using the MAKE Magazine DIY projects as the initial basis for your club is a great idea. It gives folks immediate tangible results, instead of just being another class to sit through.
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    When I was in high school, we had a digital electronics club and we used simple TTL components to make ripple counters, clocks, and other neat little electronic widgets like that. You could also go more advanced and make a small balancing inverted pendulum (like a mini Segway), but that would a bit of help from a teacher to get the mechanics and controls down.
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