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Need help regarding automatic transmission

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    i needed some help in collecting some articles related to automatic transmission......i need the basic idea of it,and comparison with manual transmission...........
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    can i have a basic idea of preparing ppt about automatic transmission.......what an all should be included in it
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    The following web site has a good discussion of the various types of continuusly variable transmissions (CVTs)
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continu...e_transmission [Broken]
    None of the CVTs have efficiencies as high as manual transmissions: about 96% in all but the 1:1 gear which is about 98%. Manufactirers of CVTs will not disclose the efficiencies of their designs; it is proprietary.

    Note that manual transmissions in standard automobiles do not require water cooling. If a particular CVT requires water cooling, that is proof that it is less efficient than a manual transmission.
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