What is Automatic: Definition and 99 Discussions

An automatic rifle is a type of autoloading rifle that is capable of fully automatic fire. Automatic rifles are select-fire weapons that are capable of firing in semi-automatic and automatic firing modes (some automatic rifles are capable of burst-fire as well). Automatic rifles are distinguished from semi-automatic rifles in their ability to fire more than one shot in succession once the trigger is pulled. Most automatic rifles are further subcategorized as battle rifles or assault rifles.

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  1. H

    Auto/Motor Building an Automatic A0 Paper Folding Machine: Tips and Tricks

    I want to make an automatic A0 folding machine that I can use myself. But I couldn't find the mechanism in the videos I watched, I want to get your opinions.
  2. Leo_Chau_430

    Comp Sci Automatic Market Research Program

    I was given an Excel that contains a list of products, my teacher would like us to scrap through the website hktvmall.com to find respective similar products and list out their prices and description. FYI:
  3. H

    Automatic Window Opener - how does it work?

    Hi friends I'm working in a community center repair workshop once a week. One of our customers brought us an automatic window opener used for a greenhouse, and we were not able to find out how this contraption really works - but it does work, by using solar energy only. It consists of a hollow...
  4. F

    Automatic parking slots detection using Python

    TL;DR Summary: How to automatically detect the parking slots using Python? I have a Deep Machine Learning course and would like to do my course project about "Available Parking Slots Detection using Deep Machine Learning Based on Image Processing". My plan is to split the project into two...
  5. G

    How Secure is an Automatic Hair Comb in Your Pocket?

    Hey guys! I've got an OTF comb (a.k.a. "out the front," where the plastic hair comb "blade" ejects straight out from the handle) that is held in the closed position with 1 lb, 12 ounces of magnetic force. I.e, upon measuring it takes 1 lb, 12 oz. of finger pressure against the comb switch to...
  6. sophiecentaur

    How good are automatic watch winding mechanisms?

    I have been looking at 'Horology' forums but they all seem to be more about buying watches and less about the way they work and about mending them. (Money money money). I sort of hoped that good old PF might have some ideas about my problem. When I was 21, my parents bought me an Omega...
  7. V

    Automatic TV attenuation with thumb drive....Possible?

    Greetings from Tennessee. I am not an EE but I like to tinker. So you are watching TV and the commercial comes and all of a sudden you are getting blasted out of your recliner. Also when I'm watching Andy Griffith on Amazon prime? Everything is going along fine and then they play some music and...
  8. jack action

    Automatic Tire Chains - Onspot's Efficient Idea

    Interesting idea. I wonder how efficient it is. It's from a company called Onspot.
  9. kyphysics

    Closed vs. Open Crawlspace & Automatic Vents vs. Dehumidifer?

    So, my dad (non-scientist) was debating with his cousin over whether he needed to spend $$$ on a crawlspace dehumidifier and get closed vents. It was both a heated/fierce debate and interesting. Mostly, I just listened to two old dudes arguing in partial amusement, but some intrigue as well...
  10. sophiecentaur

    Old fashioned gas stove with automatic lighting - how?

    I cleaned the two ovens in our conventional gas stove. They light themselves - trying a few times if the flame doesn't strike and give up if no dice. One of the ovens would strike and light, then go out and try again - clunk pause clunk pause etc. I decided to have a look at the burner unit as I...
  11. Boltzman Oscillation

    Help designing a self guided automatic 3D printer

    All in the summary, can't copy paste on phone :(
  12. R

    Plumbing Dingy rib automatic start syphon system

    The theory is that that the trapped air in pipe A would create enough pressure to raise the water 600 mm in pipe C, Design and parts: 32 mm x 1 metre pipe (A) running from the stern floor (open end) forward with the front end raised 100 mm, then turned 360 deg and reduced to 10 mm (pipe B)...
  13. m4r35n357

    Python Automatic vs Symbolic differentiation

    I thought I would give you guys some justification for why I keep pestering you with this odd numerical technique. I've mentioned its advantages over finite differences quite a few times, so now I am putting it up against symbolic differentiation. Here is a plot of the function ##x^2 /...
  14. kunalvanjare

    Designing an Automatic Coolant Monitoring System for CNC Machines

    Hey guys, I am designing a system that would monitor the coolant tanks of about 10 CNC machines through a centralized system consisting of valves, a pump & a refractometer. The system would be connected to the tanks through fixed piping in the plant. A pump would draw small amount of liquid...
  15. m4r35n357

    Python Doing Automatic Differentiation

    This is a brief interactive session using my ODE Playground, which is my repository of Automatic Differentiation code. It illustrates two solutions of ##\sqrt {2}## with the user-specified function provided via a lambda, using Newton's method and then bisection. Note that the user needs to...
  16. S

    Automatic Lid Opener for a Lifting Box

    Please find the attached drawing showing detail of my requirement. I need to lift a box on a wood table, which opens its lid while its lifted. I am able to make the box lifts upwards. Now my requirement is to get a proper solution to smoothly open the lid whole the box is lifted. The lifting...
  17. D

    MHB Automatic Parking Problem Solving

    I have a mathematical problem hope if you can help in solve it. Consider that we have an Automatic Parking Garage contains 900 units , each unit can contains just one car. The Garage open 24 hours per day , 7 days per week (24*7). The working day will divide into three parts 1- (8:00 am - 3:00...
  18. A

    Automatic Voltage regulator rating

    Hello Everyone, I'm here in a country which has a 220v single phase. My wife's $700 Microwave/Convection oven just arrived from the US. The rating of this appliance is: 110v, 1750 watts, 15 amperes. I've talked to suppliers here and was told to buy an AVR with a rating(wattage) 5 times more of...
  19. m4r35n357

    Python More cool automatic differentiation (Hamiltonian)

    Well I think it is cool anyhow ;) Here is a dependency-free variable-order double pendulum simulation in about 120 lines of Python. Have you seen the equations of motion for this system? As usual, this is based on code that I have provided here, but trimmed for maximum impact. Can you see...
  20. W

    How to Detect (possible) Automatic Renewal Scam?

    Hi, I am being charged yet again for an account I had closed two years ago. My customer dashboard was set to "Automatic Renewal" , which I believe I had disabled. I have now disabled this Automatic Renewal and I took a screenshot of it . QUESTION: Were the settings in the dashboard to be...
  21. A

    A fascinating fault with my automatic soap dispenser

    I have a Dettol automatic soap dispenser (see fig. 1) which uses a little propellor-type pump to let out a small amount of soap when you put your hand in front of the passive IR sensor. It's been working fine until just before, when I turned the lights off in the kitchen (night time, so...
  22. nomadreid

    Delete automatic updates ... problem?

    Windows 10 automatically updated my computer day before yesterday, and yesterday I woke up to find all my files missing. It took me a while, but I recovered all my files. However, now there are several important functions that either do not work, or are missing altogether. :H So, my main...
  23. N

    Python Need an automatic way to move files between computers

    I have a system of 3 PCs all connected to the same router, I need some way to automatically move files from two PCs to the third, how do I even begin to approach this?
  24. T

    Automotive Why does automatic emergency braking not work in all speeds?

    Adaptive/active/radar cruise control (Update: It is not adaptive cruise control. It is automatic emergency braking) works only at or below 50 miles (per hour) in some high end cars like range rover, and even below that in other cars. Does anyone know why?Thanks a lot
  25. Nikhil N

    How to choose automatic voltage levels from a battery

    Hi.. I have a 40 volt (2.5Ah) , Lithium Ion battery. I need to use this battery for 20V application as well as 40V application. How to make an automatic voltage level chooser module for respective application?
  26. T

    Automotive Engine Torque Control to Automatics & DCTs

    Hi guys, I have a question about engine torque control in automatic transmissions and dual clutch transmissions. I've seen cases where the engine torque is decreased on an up-shift and increased during a downshift. Why is this done?
  27. E

    Automatic Window Lift: Get Help Setting Up Low-Cost, Efficient System

    Hello all! I'm an electrical/controls engineer by day and farmer by night. I need some insight on an issue I'm having at the farm. We have a greenhouse where I've setup automatic temperature controls. A small PLC reads temperature in the greenhouse. If the temperature gets too high, we open...
  28. C

    Advice for the design of an automatic door opener

    Hello all, I need to design an automated trap door opener incorporating a motor and at least one of the following: gears, springs, or power screws. It is 36 inches wide and 48 inches long. It is hinged along its width. The door weighs 60 pounds. When closed it is flush with the floor. It must...
  29. Marylaax

    Is a Lid Stay Suitable for Lifting a 10 kg Part at a 45 Degree Angle?

    Hello, We are working on a mechanism to open an application.And we were thinking to use a LID STAY but we are not sure if this item is suitable for the movement that we need to obtain. The application requires lifting a 10 kg part. The part is connected to one end of a horizontal lever. When...
  30. cnh1995

    Automatic Load Frequency Control in a power system

    I am studying ALFC and I have a few questions about it. Consider the flyball governor in this system. It senses the changes in speed of the turbine. If load is increased, the balls will slow down and will move inwards, moving point B upwards. Now, this will open some additional valves to allow...
  31. Lebombo

    B Calculator automatic rounding is screwing up my calculation.

    Hi, When I type into my calculator 13.6/(1.000000001) the calculator returns the answer 13.59999999 Then, when I type 13.6/(1.0000000001) the calculator returns the answer 13.6. Obviously, both 13.6/(1.0000000001) and 13.6/1 cannot equal 13.6, so what's the deal with the calculator...
  32. K

    Design a automatic locking mechanism for two concentric cylinders

    How much force required to pull the actuator pin from the solid cylinder Weight of the solid cylinder is 15kg And angle of inclination 30 , Coefficient of friction 1.5
  33. T

    Automatic hydraulic jack -- choosing motor

    What type of motor can I use for this jack ? It's running from a 12V battery
  34. P

    Automatic diving watch problem

    I wondered, If I have an automatic diving watch that is designed to withstand, say 20 atmospheres of water pressure, is it safe to swim with it? When you dive, you do not hit the water as hard and with so many repetitions as you do while swimming. Do you think it is safe for the automatic...
  35. S

    Automotive Automatic brake applying system

    Hi fellas! I need to develop a system for a self driving car which involves automatically presses brake,clutch and accelerator when required.I am planning to use a servo for this purpose and have some trouble identifying the torque requirements! How much torque do i need?assume the lever...
  36. kelvin490

    MATLAB MATLAB how to automatically read a number of files

    I would like to plot a number of 3D graphs from different data files. For example I am using fid = fopen('SS 1.dat','r'); to read the first file and then plot a graph. How to set the program to change the name to 'SS 2.dat' automatically? Also for the tenth file the name becomes 'SS 10.dat'...
  37. MichaelWReed

    Expandable Gear CVT: Michael Warren Reed's Project

    Hi there, I started working on an idea for an expandable gear CVT about 3 years ago, while out of work for a few months. I had some exciting progress on an idea that I think might be worth pursuing more, but I now have 2 kids, 2 jobs, and no time. I have brought up the project idea with a few...
  38. M

    Can a Toy Helicopter Be Programmed for Automatic Hovering?

    Heya everybody, I am trying to write a code that will make a toy helicopter to hover. I have cameras that are constantly tracking it, reporting at real time about it's position and angles. I have control on the yaw (Z axis rotatio), pitch (forward/backward movement), and rotors speed. I have...
  39. R

    Automatic electrical switch to between two paths

    I need a switch that will alternate the flow of electrical current between two diverging wires at a decided rate. Are there switches that function this way? What are they called?
  40. Thom Stoops

    Need Help Designing Mechanism for Automatic Spring Return

    I'm trying to design an entirely mechanical system for returning an extension spring to its extended state, without the assistance of electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics or any other form of auxiliary power. It's for a soft exosuit concept that simply enhances the speed and ease of walking or...
  41. B

    How Can a Sensor Accurately Control Inflation to 2 PSI?

    Hello all, I am trying to design a system with a sensor that can detect when an inflatable is inflated to 2 PSI. I am trying to inflate something small, around 6 liters. I currently have a system that uses a solenoid, the compressed air, and a mechanical timed relay that tells the system when...
  42. G

    Creating an Automatic Fish Feeder Without Jamming

    I'm making an automatic fish feeder. It uses a very low torque, low RPM, low energy motor to turn a paddle wheel. The paddle wheel pushes the food off a ledge and into the tank. I plan to make the paddle wheel using a gear. I also have access to a 3d printer to make the part. The motor is...
  43. K

    Automatic sorting with barcode identification inside a refrigerator

    I'm endeavoring to prototype a challenging sorting mechanism inside a fridge and would appreciate any tips on how to get from the specs to a plausible design. #Problem The aim of the game is to identify and sort food items in the limited space of a fridge - such that a user would push...
  44. B

    How to turn off windows automatic update

    This is part of Microsoft's generally charming ways; I like it when I'm unable to turn my computer off because there's a Windows update that must be installed _right there and then_ . It's charming,specially when you're in a hurry ,need to stop your computer work and go somewhere else, or if...
  45. A

    Hydraulic Jack, Automatic 12 volt DC - College Project

    Hello Frnds, I am presenting my engineering final year project. It is a 12 volt DC hydraulic jack. This jack is made to lift light motor vehicles and light commercial vehicles. Its capacity can be increased by changing some parameters. The project consists of a 12 volt DC...
  46. Mordred

    Automatic rail system vfd type vs torque

    Working on a problem with an automatic rail system used to transport cows. This rail system carries a substantail amount of weight so starting torque is the issue coupled with washdown ( rust) issues. The system runs well normally even fully loaded. However has nuisance over amps on startup...
  47. R

    Mysterious Automatic Wake-Up on Old PC

    Hello. I'll try to describe a strange phenomenon I look on a PC. My recent PC is temporarily out of order and sent to repair. So I use my old PC ( 300 MHz Win-2000 ) and what happens ... Although I correctly stop this PC in the evening, during the night it starts alone without any human...
  48. S

    Automatic gear changing system

    if we keep a spring attached to a trolley on moving vehicle we find the force by f=kx and the potential energy by 1/2kx^2. thus we calculate the friction, the slope of the road and device an system to automatically change gear.we already know the petrol consumed, speed and acceleration and...
  49. M

    Automatic pattern recognition and data modeling

    I can't help but think that some day, someone will figure out a way to get a computer to recognize patterns in a given set of data, and fit an equation, if there is any, to that set. Such a system could be used in areas like forecasting stocks, weather, and sales, or even in air traffic...
  50. U

    Fortran Automatic array allocation in Fortran 95?

    The following code seems to run ok under fortran 95 (g95 compiler), but I was unsure about the exact nature of the array assignment. As you can see it is a variable sized array, without any explicit "allocate" command. The code works even when the array size could not be known at compile time...