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Need Help, trying to get a grasp about the universe.

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    I am a current college student who asks a lot of questions and I recently tried to tackle the mystery of the universe. I did a little research on my own and personally feel that the universe is like a bubble with many many many layers that are created for every possible outcome of an event. Based on probability theory I can relate that every possible scenario is played out and creates a form of layer or alternate universe that keeps stacking so that in a way the universe seems to infinitely expand. I believe this started out with the Big Bang as a single moment with a fixed probability that continued to multiply with the moments leading up to it and eventually to our current state. The sheer complexity and conceptualization of every probability ever brought about is mind boggling yet plausible as compared to our current experiences of such immense objects and depth in our universe and yet these same probabalities continue to make this bubble grow larger logarithmically. Although I might not be a scientist, heck even a science major, and don't have such complex mathematical skills to prove this I think that other scientists have talked about this same topic and have not pursued it further. I personally base some of this background knowledge to classes that i have taken in physics, probability, and some outside research. I can go into this further, but in a way since we do not know much about black holes at all they may be the link to going through some of these alternate or parallel universes and if I am wrong, so be it, at least I am able to enlighten others to search for their own conceptualization and start a point of conversation. On the other hand let me know if you agree or disagree and whether your gonna steal my idea and win a noble prize one day, just give me some recognition lol :)

    Steven Solomon
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    The many-worlds interpretation of QM doesn't say that all probabilities are played out in our universe...it says that all probabilities are played out in parallel universes which we could not observe...
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