What is Noble prize: Definition and 14 Discussions

The Alfred Noble Prize is an award presented by the American Society of Civil Engineers, as the trustee of prize funds contributed by the combined engineering societies of the United States. It is awarded annually to a person not over the age of thirty-five for a technical paper of exceptional merit published in one of the journals of the participating societies.Established in 1929 in honor of Alfred Noble (1844-1914), past president of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the prize was first awarded in 1931. There have been several notable winners of this prize, including Claude E. Shannon in 1939.

The prize has no connection to the Nobel Prize established by Alfred Nobel, with which it is often confused owing to the similarity of their names.

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    Why Were My Forum Posts Deleted Twice?

    First, I wrote about wanting to become a Noble Prize-winning theoretical physicist, and asked which books are best to achieve this goal. The post was deleted and I received a warning from Evo stating that no crackpot posts are allowed. Okay, fine, I won't write about any of my wild dreams...
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    Understanding the 2012 Noble prize in QM

    Noble prize in QM for 2012 1. Would someone like to summarize the research and results? 2. how can single quantum particles be observed without destroying them? 3. how were they able to show both states at the same time? 4. were the two physicists entangled at 68?...;)
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    Your opinion on the noble prize?

    what is your opinion on the noble prize... i've always thought... that the best of the best... the best chemists in the world, the best physicist, the best economist etc... are awarded noble prizes... so in essence.. a noble laureate, is one of the best in that field in the world... but...
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    Craig Venter and Francis Collins

    what is your opinion on these 2 guys?... why no noble prize for them?
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    Using the Double Slit Experiment & encoding photons with binary data

    My name is Joe Fiero. Ever since I was a little kid, I loved science, especially science fiction. Sliders, Back to the future, Star Trek. I never had a chance to get a degree in the things I loved the most because I came from a poor family... which has lead me to a path of self education and...
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    Andre Geim & Konstantin Novoselov's Graphene Research - Noble Prize 2010

    How important is Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov's graphene research? I don't know anything about it so...
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    Need Help, trying to get a grasp about the universe.

    Hi, I am a current college student who asks a lot of questions and I recently tried to tackle the mystery of the universe. I did a little research on my own and personally feel that the universe is like a bubble with many many many layers that are created for every possible outcome of an event...
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    Does Hawking deserve a Nobel prize for his singularity theorem?

    Hawking radiation is almost certainly not going to win him a Nobel prize, because experimental detection is beyond our technology. But how about the singularity theorem which he and Roger Penrose proved? This theorem convinced the physics community that black hole would indeed form in realistic...
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    Waves interfere, particles collide

    When light (EMR) moves through a transparent medium, its velocity is less than 'c'. The traditional explanation seems to be that the photons pause for a while as they meet each atom in the medium, and then head on in EXACTLY THE SAME DIRECTION at 'c' velocity, until they reach the next atom in...
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    Why didn’t Einstein win a noble prize for relativity?

    i heard it was becuase it was to over the heads of the Committee is this true?
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    What are the challenges in detecting the Higgs boson at CERN?

    Hi, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I've been interested in science for while a white, most notably theoretical physics. In the end, I decided to go for a degree in Computer Science, but haven't lost my interest in physics. With the introduction of CERN, I'd be interested if...
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    Personal Fable: The Illusion of Greatness in Science

    "personal fable" and reality there comes a point in life where one begins to think about life in a very serious way... and this is exactly what is happening in my mind. I have always wanted to do something great in my life. Amazed by many concepts and ingenuity in physics... I've decided...
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    Can some somebody explain the Defined Chaose for me?

    Can some somebody explain the "Defined Chaose" for me?! i read from few days a journal for the professor Mohamed el Nasha'i(Eygptian living in England scientist) inwhich he enterd some modifications to the normal chaose theory and named it "the defiend chaose.. I found many articles on the net...
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    Is PF Missing Out on New Ideas? An Insider's Opinion and Offer

    I had became participant of PF since August 2002. My opinion and offers hereinafter. Say, how it looks from outside. I do not feel " I am inside". A reason is an enigmatic silence after my posts . I do not wonder the reaction of a schoolboy on a new ideas. They wait a "high opinion" and...