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Need help understanding Electrical Engineer

  1. Oct 3, 2011 #1
    I need help understanding electrical engineering. I wanna know if i go with EE i will experience the same level of creativity and beauty that i would doing mechanical eng. or chemical eng.... I like to build stuff - like if its was lego - but i have this idea about EE that the major is only pragmatic and monotonous, maybe cause i dont have that much information or cause its is monotonous and pragmatic..
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    All engineering has a degree of creativity and beauty. You simply find it in different places.

    For example, designing a radio with a new modulation scheme that operates very close to the noise floor is wonderful. Designing a new drive system for motors that results in more efficient and longer lasting motors is also an art. Designing an energy distribution grid that works all the way down to the solar panels on a house is also a creative endeavor.

    Every major endeavor of engineering has an art to it that is inexplicable to those who do not practice it. The subtle application of something as mundane as the selection of a valve optimized for control of a process is something that only another engineer will appreciate.

    The rest of the world will never know... and that's the hidden beauty of engineering.
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    It will depend entirely on you. Some people just LOVE electrical engineering but would detest being a mechanical engineer, and it true the other way round as well. You need to figure out what YOU like.
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