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Schools Need help with my physics choice at university

  1. Jun 17, 2012 #1
    I'm going to do physics at university and I really want to do a masters and go into research. Currently, I've just finished my AS Levels so I'll be going to university in 2013. I really want to do research because I want to try to solve and work on new, cutting edge research, not look at proven theories etc.
    My questions are, is research in physics in demand? Like, are companies and projects looking for people to do research for them?
    Also, what area of physics is most in demand? I've read that condensed matter is in demand and biophysics.
    Please help!
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    You should post this in the career guidance section on the main page.
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    I have a masters degree, I wouldn't recommend stopping there...go for the PhD. The job market for theoretical physicists is rough these days. I'd say either go for a physics PhD, or choose majors like education, engineering, applied math, or computer science. If you're going to go for a masters in physics, I'd recommend specializing medical physics.

    I wasn't able to find physics related employment, so I'm currently getting a second degree in applied math & computer science. I guess I'm trying to say, don't make the same mistake I did.
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