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Need help with some linear algebra questions!

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    Okay, long story short, my mom could not work because of an illness so me and and family all had to chip in so fulfill the mortgage payment on our home. I worked two jobs and am a full-time student. I've been studying as much as I possibly can and may have to temporarily restrain from spring classes on 2015 due to needing to provide for my family until my mom recovers. I have an exam on Monday and could use some help on some questions in which I am not sure how to go about. Tried reading the textbook but it wasn't helpful.

    http://speedcap.net/sharing/files/fb/bb/fbbbf32c7f1150653d7ecdc2fcaa12dd.png [Broken]
    http://speedcap.net/sharing/files/d0/e3/d0e3963b9802ef2300a124f2eb0f689d.png [Broken] http://speedcap.net/sharing/files/d3/8e/d38e2092f1abdee19642a20cc2354307.png [Broken] http://speedcap.net/sharing/files/33/ca/33cae85323f2d83fba38882956ea1833.png [Broken] http://speedcap.net/sharing/files/07/ef/07ef2ce098daa6b536a1a729c0534f9c.png [Broken] http://speedcap.net/sharing/files/60/38/60385f0cf9c61b07aeaa9c17fe103a63.png [Broken]

    There are 22 questions but these 6 were ones I could not get to solve. Thanks. Would be helpful if you showed it in detail as well.
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    Welcome to Physics Forums. The rules at this site require us to treat all textbook-style problems as homework. You should start one thread for each problem, in the appropriate homework forum. (In this case, that would be the "calculus & beyond" homework forum). You have to use the template when you start the threads, and you have to show us your work up to the point where you're stuck. If you "don't know where to begin", you at least have to post the relevant definitions and an attempt to use them. We are not allowed to give you complete answers. We can only give you hints.

    As I'm sure you have already realized, you should have come here at least a couple of days earlier. But there's still a good chance that you will get good answers to all your questions quickly, if you do your part. (Don't put URGENT in the titles or anything like that. The only thing you can do to get faster answers is to make sure that you're providing all the information the helpers need).
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