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Need help with stable-unstable cores(cells)

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    I was trying to understand the meaning of the binary Energy (Eb) ..
    For example :
    Imagine we have two cores ... 1 from an X atom and 1 from an Y atom which have the same A and X has bigger Eb than Y ... while Y is the stable core for that exact A ...
    That means
    Because energy is never lost
    Eb + EY = Ep + En ⇔ .... ⇔

    Eb = ( ZMp + NMn - MY )c2

    But what i cant understand is the following

    Why isnt X more stable as it has bigger binary energy therefore the same number of protons and netrons are hold by bigger power ?

    HOWEVER if we look at the opposite way
    Why isnt any core with smaller binary energy and same A than X stablier because its stableness would require less energy ...

    But our researches have shown that both above are not true ... but why ?
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    What is "binary energy"? Do you mean "binding energy"?

    An atom K can decay into another atom L of the same nucleon number if L has a larger binding energy, the opposite is not possible neglecting electron capture.
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    This doent answer my question .....
    I am wondering about which cell is stablier K or L (fro your example ) .. and why ...
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    If both are unstable, there is no general rule for their lifetimes, it depends on too many other factors (like nuclear spin, odd/even proton/neutron numbers and so on). The setup you described in post 1 (instable atom with larger binding energy decaying to stable atom with smaller binding energy) is not possible. Again, neglecting electron capture.
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