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Need info about environmental science education

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    i want to know about environmental science education, what is this education exactly deals with can a student with a bachelor degree in mathematics can take this course.
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    It depends on the school and the exact course, but everyone publishes their curricula so look around. Basically it's a lot of earth science, so geology, climate, water cycle and all that jazz, assorted bio and chem, stuff about the atmosphere, etc.

    If you want to get a masters in it, it'll depend on the school. Assuming you've got good grades/recs/etc., some will require you to take undergrad courses to fill in blanks, some won't let you in, same as any other "I wanna major in x with y" situation. The math in earth science generally doesn't get too complex, it's mostly just knowing the science.
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    I was looking through the profiles on AMS (American Mathematical Society)'s website, and saw a math major there with a PhD in Environmental Science, so it's definitely possible.
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