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A biophysical environment is a biotic and abiotic surrounding of an organism or population, and consequently includes the factors that have an influence in their survival, development, and evolution. A biophysical environment can vary in scale from microscopic to global in extent. It can also be subdivided according to its attributes. Examples include the marine environment, the atmospheric environment and the terrestrial environment. The number of biophysical environments is countless, given that each living organism has its own environment.
The term environment can refer to a singular global environment in relation to humanity, or a local biophysical environment, e.g. the UK's Environment Agency.

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  1. Nintend0possum

    Immune System & Environment: Can Living Near Loved Ones Make You Sick?

    Ok.. When me and my husband were dating, I lived in a state 800 miles away from him. I noticed he got sick more often than I did.. I thought it was poor immune system and genetics, because I barely ever got sick but he and his family did. When we got married and I moved to where he was.. I...
  2. P

    Environmental Physics - Radiative forcing effect on greenhouse effect

    I think part (a) is simple enough. Here is what I have done. (a) ##G=\sigma T^{4}_{s} - OLR## $$ =\sigma (294)^{4} - 160 = 254 Wm^-{2} $$ Part (b) is where I am confused. I think I'm supposed to apply the second relevant equation, in order to get the change in average surface temperature due to...
  3. A

    B Electrostatic charge build up in environmental electron microscopy

    Hello, If I understand it correctly, the samples are grounded inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to avoid charge build up through the electron beam. Also the non-conductive are coated with a conductive layer, so they can be grounded as well. However, I do not know how the charge build...
  4. T

    Energy and environmental engineering silly question

    Hello everyone, I am sorry if this question looks silly but my tutor has not replied yet and I need to work it out as soon as I can. Could someone tell me if they see any difference question 1 and question 2? Because I genuinely don't and it is driving me crazy. The assignment is about a coal...
  5. Auto-Didact

    A Non-entangling environmental noise in QM/QFT

    Does non-entangling environmental noise actually exist? The existence of such a thing seems to be fundamentally inconsistent with the properties of quantum entanglement. It seems to me that if non-entangling environmental noise does exist, then standard QM - or QFT for that matter -...
  6. jordy1113

    Physics Environmental Physics: Career Paths & Info for Students

    Hi, I'm a freshman physics major. I initially went into physics to become an astrophysicist, since then I realized my love for biology (NOT medical) and ecology. I began to look into physics degrees and careers that could tie the two worlds together. The basic internet search has not helped me...
  7. D

    Environmental genetic mutations

    I always had this question which I never understood about biological evolution. Do species undergo some genetic mutation and then travel to certain areas where they are best suited for or do species migrate and then adapt as they travel? Or some combination of both? What is the link between...
  8. BWV

    Solar power: a looming environmental disaster?

    Had not seen much discussion of this, but of course PV cells are semiconductors with a finite life and will have to be disposed of within a decade or two https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2104162/chinas-ageing-solar-panels-are-going-be-big-environmental-problem
  9. F

    Programs Is Environmental Engineering capitalized?

    Hi! I'm currently a freshman applying to an REU for the summer. It would be great help if anyone could take a look at it and critique what needs to be changed. As a side note, I know this is a super long personal statement because the program I'm applying for says the word count needs to be...
  10. S

    Programs Broad Interest and Environmental Focus

    Hello! I am returning to school but have, unfortunately, not decided what my end goal is. I originally enrolled in mechanical engineering, and dropped out to pursue a marijuana pipe dream that was unfulfilling. Now, at 19 YO going on 20, I am re-enrolled in community college to fix my GPA and...
  11. pchu

    Casimir force experiments under environmental EM noises?

    I've always been curious about how rigorous are the Casimir force measurements carried out, because a couple of years ago I read some news about people inventing perpetual motion machine which turned out to be draining power from environmental EM noises, say, radio station, wifi, 3G/4G that keep...
  12. studentalways101

    Programs 2nd BS Degree Advice_Business to Environmental Engineering

    I have decided I really really really want to go back to school to expand my education into environmental engineering. I currently have a BS in Business Admin from UC Berkeley. I have researched several masters programs, and it is looking like it will be very difficult for me to even get into a...
  13. J

    How Does Great Lakes Earth's Geography Differ from Our Own?

    The geography of Great Lakes Earth, and the questions that come with it. Pangaea From 250 to 200 million years ago, all the continents had joined together to form a singular landmass called Pangaea. The brown lines presented in the map are mountain ranges varying in height above sea level...
  14. T

    Variations in Emissions Inventories?

    Are there multiple sources for an emissions inventory? For instance, how debated is the UNFCCC GHG inventory? (http://unfccc.int/ghg_data/items/3800.php) And is there any international inventory that has an emissions breakdown like the Australian governments? (http://ageis.climatechange.gov.au/#)
  15. gerardofingurbe

    Studying Self learning environmental physics

    I am really into climate change , and the physical models they use to relate it to other factors such as diseases , however i don't know where to learn about it , i am currently enrolled on the 8th trimester of electronics engineering (out of 12) and in the 4th semester of physics(in a different...
  16. M

    Environmental Science: Exploring Our Impact on Marine Life

    I'm interested in studying the Earth. Its our human impact that is effecting the species, and ourselves. The way things are heading, its more extinction of animal species and ourselves. My goal is, whichever job it may be; I want my career (Masters degree) to focus on researching & protecting...
  17. J

    Geophysics undergraduate interested in environmental law

    Hello, I am a first year undergraduate student studying geophysics. While I love geophysics and all the geosciences, I'm very interested in going into environmental law. Is this a plausible undergraduate degree for a career in environmental law? I have always loved studying government and...
  18. S

    From Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology to Physics?

    'Sup guys, I'm in my final year at the ETH Zurich. For some very short-sighted reasons, in the days of my youth when I was choosing my major, I narrowly chose environmental engineering over physics. After 1.5 / 2 years at the very latest (basically as soon as the STEM common core classes got...
  19. N

    Programs Double Major Physics and Environmental Studies

    So I'm really interested in climate science and I would possibly like to advise the government/world on climate policy as well as maybe go into environmental engineering. I'm also contemplating doing research in computational modeling since I enjoy CS. I was thinking of majoring in Physics and...
  20. J

    Atmospheric Temperature and Air Molecule Density Calculation

    Homework Statement At an altitude of 50 km, the average atmospheric temperature is 0C. what is the average number of air molecules per cm^3 of air at this atmosphere? Given formula: P(sub h) = P(sub 0) x e^(-Mgh/RT) = -(Mgh x 10^5)/2.303RT Assuming P = 1 atm at sea level and h in km...
  21. Ganesh Ujwal

    Accumulated environmental damage to Hubble main mirror

    I'm interested in understanding what effect does long-term radiation and microdust exposure would do to the surface roughness of a high-precision mirror like the one on the Hubble. Since it has been on orbit for 24 years, it provides an unique opportunity to estimate accumulated environmental...
  22. S

    Environmental Science (and Information Technology?)

    I have an AS degree in Computer Science. I'm in the process of transferring to a 4-year university to pursue a BS in Envionrmental Science. I've always been heavily interested in computers, including running my own web & email server, database administration, hardware, and networking. I have run...
  23. Medicol

    Chemistry Total number of DNA molecules after environmental change

    1. Suppose DNA molecules of a Streptococcus bacterium contain a radioactive isotope N^{15}, if this bacterium is then put in an environment containing only N^{14} and after 5 generations (DNA duplication), how many N^{15} DNA molecules remain ? Homework Equations 3. after 5...
  24. E

    How Does Studying Physics Influence Careers in Environmental Fields?

    I've started the undergraduate's journey into physics. Although I'm still working through pre-req's I wanted to get a solid grasp on before the degree itself, I already have a vague idea of what I want to do after. However this doesn't go to say my choice is definite, but I've always been...
  25. C

    Physics/Maths/CompSci student -> career in environmental science?

    Physics/Maths/CompSci student --> career in environmental science? Hi there I am 29 years old and after completing a tertiary foundation certificate to gain University entrance, I am about to embark on a 4.5 year long conjoint degree as follows: BSc component: majoring in Physics BA...
  26. J

    Ideas for expanding into an environmental project?

    Hey PF, I recently graduated with a B.A. in math. During my undergrad career I worked on several projects gathering data and developing computation models for them. Now that I have finished my undergrad track I wanted to jump into the workforce before thinking about other options like...
  27. S

    Graduate Studies in Environmental Engineering & International Dev.

    Hi all, I wanted to talk about WASH, and water and sanitation engineering. I'm particularly interested in WASH from an international development perspective. I have a B.S. degree in physics, and am currently in the Peace Corps, with the intention of joining an Environmental Engineering Masters...
  28. D

    Two things that would minimize environmental impact(fission reaction)

    Homework Statement Describe two considerations when building a nuclear reactor that would minimize the environmental impact of the nuclear fission reaction. Homework Equations I could think of one. is it even correct? The Attempt at a Solution The reaction needs to be kept in a...
  29. J

    Null Hypothesis Waterbody - Environmental Statistics

    Homework Statement Past study in a contaminated waterbody has revealed that the percentage contamination level of the surface water has been determined at 24.75% a)Based on a study of a random sample of 40 containers of the same size, it is observed that the sample percentage of...
  30. S

    Environmental Engineering w/Biology

    I just recently finished a Drafting and Design technical program at my local cc, and I have been planning to go into civil/environmental engineering for some time now. In the past few months, however, I have been introduced to the world of Botany through a biologist friend of mine. I'm curious...
  31. J

    Environmental Resistivity Study in Landfill Showing Lack of Signal Detection

    Hello All, I am a graduate student conducting a shallow subsurface geophysics study over closed landfill cells and have run into a bit of a problem with my data collection. I have ran traverses spaced 10 m apart running E to W across cells with all traverse lines ran twice using two...
  32. R

    Problem about quantum environmental decoherence

    "The characteristic feature of the first (often called ‘dynamical’ or ‘environmental’ decoherence) is the study of concrete models of (spontaneous) interactions between a system and its environment that lead to suppression of interference effects"...
  33. P

    Engineering Green jobs in physics, environmental engineering, other sciences?

    Hello, I'm a rising junior undergraduate physics major and I'd like to get some kind of green job in physics, maybe in alternative energy. I was wondering what kind of options are out there. I switched majors a few times from theater to environmental science to physics and decided to...
  34. S

    Calculate Motion Parameters: Environmental vs. Drag Force

    Homework Statement An object is influenced by 2 forces: environmental force F1 = 42 tons and a hydrodynamic drag factor F2 = 200 kN. These forces are directed against each other (one attempting to 'weaken' the other one). The corresponding mass of object is 10,112 tonnes. I am trying to create...
  35. H

    Environmental engineering, plug flow reactor

    Homework Statement Another way to treat acid mine drainage is to add limestone to the stream to precipitate the metals. The first order reaction rate constant is 10/day. Assume the stream is 3 feet by 1 foot. If the flow through the stream is 1000 gallons a day and the concentration at the...
  36. R

    Environmental / Chemical Engineering Problem Help

    I have a environmental engineering problem to do for homework, it goes like this: How many mg/L of magnesium ion will remain in solution in water that is 0.001000 M in hydroxyl ion and at 25 degrees celsius? the answer is 0.1367 mg/L, but i don't know how it was found. to be honest I...
  37. M

    How Do You Calculate Pollutant Concentration in Outflow?

    Homework Statement Hi I need help on my Environmental Engineering subject! Here is the problem: An industry, on the banks of a lake, discharges a pollutant into the lake. The river flow is 10 m3/s, the waste flow is 0.1 m3/s, the pollutant’s concentration in the river is 20 mg/l and in the...
  38. Z

    Al Gore's Environmental Achievements: A Nobel-Worthy Legacy

    Perhaps it deserves at least a Peace prize, considering Al Gore and Barack Obama (undeservingly) won Nobel prizes..
  39. B

    Engineering Is Environmental Engineering the Perfect Career Choice?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for insight from those with experience into what Environmental Engineering actually is. It sounds like everything I want in a career, but I'm worried that it's too good to be true. I've heard some sad tales of paper pushing and lack of creative opportunities, but I'm...
  40. B

    Environmental and Electrical Engineering

    I want to save the world and have job security, flexibility, and fun while doing it. Environmental Engineering or Electrical Engineering? Thanks B
  41. J

    Is Environmental Engineering worth it?

    I've been thinking about going into environmental engineering, but I've seen many mixed descriptions on it as I search through the internet. Some sites say that there will be a 30% growth in the number of jobs in the next 10 years, and others say that environmental engineers struggle to find...
  42. T

    Should I add Geology or Environmental Science to my AstroPhysics Degree?

    Do you think it would be beneficial for me to add Geology to my Astrophysics B.S? I know it's going to be a bit tough for you to answer this questions without me knowing exactly what career I want to pursue (which I don't) but I have a general idea. I'm really interested in studying the...
  43. J

    Engineering Environmental Engineering/Biosystems Engineering

    I have heard mixed views on environmental engineering. I know allot of people say major in civil with an emphasis in environmental engineering. I really am not interested in civil engineering. I am currently in biosystems engineering with a minor in environmental engineering. Very similar...
  44. K

    Is Environmental Engineering the Best Path for Clean Energy Careers?

    I am a currently a junior searching for colleges. I want to be an engineer and specialize in environmental/clean energy. My ideal job would be working for an energy company making, designing or inventing clean energy alternative technology. What are the advantages of majoring in environmental...
  45. D

    Need help for INTERVIEW an environmental engineer of technology

    Need help for INTERVIEW an environmental engineer of technology! Hello everyone! I am a college student. I need somebody who is an environmental engineer of technology help me to answer some interview question for my project of career class. I wonder if somebody there help me out. Here are...
  46. W

    Earth and Environmental science jobs

    I am 15 years old and are taking Earth and Environmental science as an elective in school. I was hoping to study in advanced science at university and major in geology.What jobs would be available to me after university.
  47. J

    Earth System Science & Environmental Engineering

    Hey everyone! First of all, Happy Holidays... Now I'm still unsure about my major at all.. I'm currently studying EE at City College of New York... As you know more engineering major you start with your general courses, liberal arts and electives... I did all my sciences, math and...
  48. D

    Environmental disaster chain of events (for story)

    I've written a scifi short story for a contest on the theme of environmental disaster, and I want to check the plausibility of the chain of events that occurs in the story. 1. It opens with a spill of massive quantities of methyl and phenyl isocyanate into a bay area on a planet in the...
  49. M

    Exploring the Distinction: Civil vs. Environmental Engineering

    What is the difference between civil and environmental engineering?
  50. S

    Civil and Environmental Engineering center of mass problem

    Homework Statement The uniform rod is bent into the shape of a parabola and has a weight per unit length of 9 lb/ft. Determine the reactions at the fixed support A Homework Equations Equation of the rod is: y^2=3x From A the rod goes 3m up and 3m to the right The Attempt...