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Need information how with simple technology make sticky fly paper

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    Maybe little-bit strange and too specific post. I am trying to find information about this in several forums.

    I want to start small manufacturing business. Selfemployment and maybe one or two workers if needed. I want to produce sticky fly paper (in roll, not just board).

    First question:
    Fly paper seems to be comparably simple production. As my budget do not allow for now to import expensive automatic machines, I want just self-employment with simple mechanic tools and semi-automatic machines. I can neither afford, neither need those machines which produce 6000 pieces at hour. It will be great to produce 1000-2000 per day in beginning.

    Just simple mechanic tools (semi-mechanic machines) for cutting, adding glue, how to get it rolled and in package. (Please - no jokes about scissors, brush etc)
    Basically - fly paper is invented 160 years ago. How to make it with simple and cheap semi-machines as it was made maybe 60 years.

    Second question:
    From what kind components to make sticky glue that it does not become dry?

    I searched in internet for information but was not successful. I found many places with advices how to make home-made fly paper, but this home-made is of course not packed in roll - just a sticky paper. Also for "glue" they advice to use (for melting with sugar) "Golden syrup" or "Maple syrup" or even honey. These of course is not solutions for commercial production.
    I know that for glue often is used raisins, but surely for beginning I need to use local materials. Raisins is not produced here and because of custom taxes and transportation costs all imports is expensive here. And I can not import one 20ft container of raisins... :-)
    But this is sugar producing country so the question is how to make sugar syrup that does not become dry.
    Also I find in internet industry machines (but for boards not for roll) but that is not for me at least in start.
    Any suggestions and information?
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    Just for curiosity, why are you starting this specific enterprise ?
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    Well, local market is empty (this is developing country), also to produce locally would be cheaper than import because of high custom taxes, slowly custom clearance and high transportation costs.
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    Thanks, now I get the picture. Unfortunately, I'm not of much use here, so good luck then.
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    You need to put something that is not sticky on one side of the paper if you want to roll it up. That is probably more of a chemistry question though.
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