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Need software for calculating primes

  1. Aug 1, 2013 #1
    Does anyone have software I can run on my PC that can calculate primes to 8.0 x 1020?
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    try Planet Source Code
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    How do I register for the login?

    ****EDIT****Never mind, I just checked their facebook page and apparently the site is down due to a power outage until tomorrow.

    Does anyone else have a source for checking primes to 8.0x1020?
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    Planet Source Code is back online although it appears to be a site for people that know how to program which I do not (I am old school over here). Thanks for the attempt.

    Does anyone else have anything?
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    Mathematica, or Wolfram alpha (http://www.wolframalpha.com) will calculate primes, but I doubt that they will go up to 8E20 in any reasonable time. It can calculate primes up to ~1E12 in a few seconds, but if I'm not mistaken calculating primes is approximately an O(N) algorithm, so it will take years to go up to ~1E20. What are you trying to do? Calculate all of the primes up to 8E20? Where would you store them?
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    Luckily I didn't need all the primes just something that can verify them up to that value but preferably much higher. I found this site,


    So far it has been able to verify the primes I generated up to

    125,024,575,647,509,552,016,558,656,041 and 125,024,575,647,509,552,016,558,656,167

    Not bad at all. Unfortunately my calculator/pen and paper method do not allow me to go any further. Guess that will need upgraded next.

    ***EDIT*** found a better calculator.

    New personal record for generating primes using calculator/pen and paper method is now at,




    and there you have it. Sorry for over-posting but these primes are a lot of fun!

    ****EDIT**** Calculator/pen and paper method,

    Okay, one more time,




    Those primes are both well over a googel! Woo Hoo!

    Not bad for pen, paper and calculator :)
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