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Need some guidance

  1. Sep 22, 2009 #1
    Need some guidance :)

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm not sure where to post this so ill post it here :), sorry if it is a long read.

    This is my first post but i have been checking these forums every day for the last year. I'm currently and undergrad in IT in Australia and i am hoping to switch to science for next year. The problem is is that i do not have the pre requisite for the science course(Math B). My love of science and physics is just way to strong, i made the wrong choices in high school for what i wanted to do now, i cant shake the feel Ive had for 3 years that i want to study math/physics so i decide that i am going to pursue it and im going to put alot of time into it to much some would say.

    But anyway im currently enrolled in my universities Math B bridging course
    http://www.griffith.edu.au/__data/a...7703/maths-b-bridging-course-info_Sept09.pdf" Which is a 60hr 2 week course. I did this because i know its the first step and is the only bridging course ill be able to attend. Now i know i want this and have wanted this in 3years and no one is going to tell me otherwise and i am committed to this.

    What i would like is some guidance on self study, now i have been studying basic algebra from this book: https://www.amazon.com/Practical-Al...sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1253667766&sr=1-1" and i realized i know alot of that already. Now within that bridging course i linked earlier it has a list of what it covers and i would really like to cover that all myself in self study but i have no idea what books are the Australian math B. Ive been doing research and have found that precalculus is similar to our math B and was wondering if anyone could give me some help with books or if they have any other comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Need some guidance :)

    Hey Rhys - nice that you're taking steps to follow your heart :smile:.

    Have you consulted a school counselor, or perhaps one of the math professors? They may be your best source.
  4. Sep 22, 2009 #3
    Re: Need some guidance :)

    Thank you for your reply lisab,

    No i haven't consulted anyone yet but i will be soon sending an email to the professor that runs Math1A which is the course in the science degree that needs the math b pre req.

    Thanks for you reply,

  5. Sep 22, 2009 #4
    Re: Need some guidance :)

    If you've got basic algebra pretty well understood, it's time to start looking at trigonometry. This seems to be what messes most people up.

    My advice is to find a book that gets to radians early and then sticks with them as that's what gets used in the real world.

    I wish that I could highly recommend "Trigonometry" by I. M. Gelfand but I can't as I haven't read it. It is cheap though and I have a hunch that it would be very good. I plan on getting it and working through it next time I have some free time.
  6. Sep 23, 2009 #5
    Re: Need some guidance :)

    From looking at the pdf you linked to, that course looks like it reviews precalc as well as basic differential and integral calculus in only 2 weeks. Are you sure that you want to do an intesive course like that? As lisab said, you should probably talk to a counselor to make sure you are on the right track.

    I think it is great that you know what you want to do. However, there is nothing worse than ending up in the wrong course and getting hammered. Make sure you cover the material at a speed that doesn't kill you...

    Good luck!
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