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Need to ask a mod or admin a question about changing my username

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    So I'm kinda new to PF but I would like to change my profile name. My sister showed me this website and made me a random name which I don't really like (Loving the PF so far :D). Anyway is there a possible way I can change my name and can it be something like blood hound or anything like that or are those types of names not allowed???

    Thx to anyone who answers and if you can't change you name then gonna have to live as kirito123... XD
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    Ok ill message him :)
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    Indeed. Send Greg a PM. He's the only one here who can change your username.
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    Awww, Kirito123 is not so bad. It kind of reminds me of french fries. Or bath towels :smile:
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    Lol so when people think of me they think of bath towels or French fries. ;3 gg
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    Yeah, baby! :oldlaugh:
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    ;3 :partytime: lol the fact that im currently eating french fries :bow:
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    BTW, bloodhound is one word :smile: And so far it doesn't look like it's been used as a username at the PF yet.
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    Oh, you grammar buffs :smile:
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