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Courses Need to freshen up on low level math courses

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    This is my first post here. Honestly, I love math. I graduated high school with Calculus 1 under my belt. Not a big feat to you guys, but I was proud. Then I messed up big time. Fast forward 3 years later and I'm a freshman at a CC starting off with college algrbra and precalculus. I want to review on simple things that I didn't exactly learn very well. Geometry and Algebra/Algrebra 2 mostly. Anything that has to do with my first 2 years of high school.

    So, my question is, any books I can buy to review that on my own time? Or any websites?

    I hope I'm in posting this in the right section.

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    Try the Schaum's Outlines and REA Problem Solvers.
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    I would try the "Master Math" series of books. Not very helpful for someone learning the material for the first time, very helpful for someone who is reviewing (and they're fairly cheap too). I know they have geometry and pre-calculus. If you graduated high school with calculus 1 then you don't need to be reading textbooks, you just need to refresh your memory. So I would recommend review books over textbooks intended for first-timers.
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    Read your College Algebra and Pre-Calculus texts well. I returned to school a year and a half ago and took Pre-Calculus over, as I never had a solid foundation in Trigonometry or the Transcendentals.

    If you're taking College Algebra, you shouldn't need to review any other Algebra. Reviewing Geometry would be useful, but not necessary. I also attend a CC, and am finishing up my math sequence this year with Multivariate and Diff-Eq. It's easy to tell which people started off with College Algebra/Pre-Calculus, and which people just started off in Calculus I - they are so much more prepared, and function-modeling comes much easier.

    My state (Massachusetts) offers some of the better public schools in the country, but college-level Algebra and Pre-Calculus is on a whole different level than highschool mathematics (at least in my area). So much more thorough.
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    I think the book 'Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell' by Simmons is a nice one that would be good for what you want to review. Plus it's only $15!
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