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Need to support horizontal spinning tire: turntable or thrust bearings?

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    Hi everyone.

    I need to create a mechanism involving a 12" diameter horizontal tire, spinning at 3000RPM, with 2kg mass. The wheel will be attached to a spinning shaft.

    The only thing, I need to support the wheel from the bottom using flat bearings of some sort, so it can spin freely. Also, they must have a hole in the center for the shaft to go through (not touching the bearing).

    I have looked up turntable bearings, ball and roller thrust bearings. Which of these will be most suitable?

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    You could have a hollow shaft, vertical axis, supported in two large bearings. The shaft would need a collar or shoulder and one of the bearings sized to handle the vertical load. Another idea is to use a slewing ring bearing. I'm sure there are a 100 other good ideas out there.

    But I suspect that, at 12 inch diameter / 2kg mass / 3000 RPM, your most important concern would be dynamic balance. Take a look at natural frequency and be sure to put a cage around that thing.
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    The bearing selection and placement will also require defining how much thrust and radial load will be placed on it, and what moment stiffness you're after.
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