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Need trustworthy, informative reading material

  1. Nov 17, 2014 #1
    I need some informative books for a beginner. However, I find most beginner textbooks too simple, vague and incomprehensive. I find it annoying that many texts are extremely vocabulary based, and fail to inform the reader of HOW particular physics mechanisms work. Instead, these texts vaguely explain only WHAT these mechanisms do. I am interested in all of the details, particularly in the HOW.

    These are the subjects I am interested in.

    Fundamental molecular physics
    Fundamental molecular interactions
    Electricity and magnetism

    Any advice would be much appreciated! Would be great if these books could be ordered online!Thanks!
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    How beginner? Do you know calculus? If so, Griffith's Introduction to electrodynamics is a good introductory text for electricity and magnetism.

    If you don't know calculus, there are many excellent texts and online resources for learning calculus, that I'm sure others can direct you to, I don't have a particular favourite beginner text. (There is really no point trying to learn electromagnetism without calculus).

    ETA: As for molecular physics, I've never seen a text for it that doesn't already assume quantum mechanics. Do you know quantum mechanics?
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