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Neutral meson vs. neutrino oscillations

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    I need to research online about the difference between neutral meson and neutrino oscillations. However I've found this difficult. I haven't found anywhere any comments on the differences between the two.
    The only thing which comes to mind is that the mesons can interact in their mass eigenstates as opposed to neutrinos so we can measure this mass. And that their weak eigenstates are not their flavour eigenstates as opposed to neutrinos where the weak are the flavour.

    Any insights please will be welcome.
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    It is hard to find similarities apart from "there is mixing".

    What do you mean with "mesons can interact in their mass eigenstates"?
    How do you want to measure the mass precise enough to use it for mixing measurements?

    Neutrino mixing is between neutrinos, or between antineutrinos, while neutral mesons are mixing with their own antiparticles.
    You can also discuss CP violation and how it is relevant in the different cases.
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