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A neutral country is a state that is neutral towards belligerents in a specific war or holds itself as permanently neutral in all future conflicts (including avoiding entering into military alliances such as NATO). As a type of non-combatant status, nationals of neutral countries enjoy protection under the law of war from belligerent actions to a greater extent than other non-combatants such as enemy civilians and prisoners of war.
Different countries interpret their neutrality differently: some, such as Costa Rica, have demilitarized, while Switzerland holds to "armed neutrality" to deter aggression with a sizeable military while barring itself from foreign deployment. However, not all neutral countries avoid any foreign deployment or alliances, as Austria, Ireland, Finland and Sweden have active UN peacekeeping forces and a political alliance within the European Union. The traditional Swedish policy is not to participate in military alliances, with the intention of staying neutral in the case of war. Immediately before World War II, the Nordic countries stated their neutrality, but Sweden changed its position to that of non-belligerent at the start of the Winter War.
There have been considerable changes to the interpretation of neutral conduct over the past centuries. During the Cold War another European country, Yugoslavia, claimed military and ideological neutrality, and that is continued by its successor, Serbia.

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  1. A

    B Pinched plasma inside a neutral beam injector

    Let me start this off with saying I am just a uneducated idiot, But after reading about Zap Energies sheared flow pinch reactor I was wondering if you could use a similar concept in a neutral beam injector? Like could you first compress and heat the plasma inside of a NBI using a pinch, then...
  2. Z

    Chemistry Creating KF Molecule from Neutral Atoms: A Process of Ionization and Binding

    Let's think now about the energy to create a KF molecule from neutral atoms. First we need to ionize both K and F: K loses an electron and F gains an electron. Then we have to bring the ions together. The first ionization energy of K is 418 kJ/mol and for F is 1681 kJ/mol. The electron...
  3. Philip Koeck

    I Surface charge of neutral solids

    Also referring to the post by @Kostik plus answers, I'm wondering about surface charges of neutral solids such as metals or carbon, for example. I only want to discuss large scale effects so that the solid can be treated as continuous. The atomic structure is averaged out. I also assume that...
  4. guyvsdcsniper

    Point charge in cavity of a spherical neutral conductor

    For (a) this problem, the only thing I can see changing is the distribution of the negative charge on the inner wall of the cavity. When the point charge is in the center of the cavity, you could say the induced charged is spread symmetrically on the inner cavity wall in order to oppose the...
  5. B

    A How to slow down a high energy neutral molecular beam

    Hello! I see that in experiments at facilities like ISOLDE, they produce molecular beams at energies of tens of keV. If I understand it right, they first create the molecule as a positive ion, and using electric fields (and maybe magnetic for mass selection) they take the particle out of the...
  6. A

    Wood as a carbon neutral biofuel

    Moderator’s note: discussion spun off from https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/the-nuclear-power-thread.9091/page-43#post-6558385 Sometimes I don't understand the Germans, so technically advanced and forward thinking and yet somehow willing to abandon logic on this one. Their alternative is...
  7. Nick tringali

    Need help with practice MCAT question (acidit, basic or neutral?)

    The answer key states the the answer is D but the explanation makes no sense to me. “ amphoteric means that it could behave either as an acid or as a base. The alcohol group is not the key in aqueous solution. Terminal Alkynes are acidic”. I don’t see a terminal triple bond.
  8. petefa

    50Hz and 60Hz supply neutral line question

    Hi, I have a question, I think the answer is no you can't do it, but I want to know why. First mains supply - 3phase N + E (50hz) Connected to this first supply is an inverter that gives out a 3 phase 415vac @60hz (no neutral) second supply. The 60hz inverter output feeds 3 independent tapped...
  9. Ranku

    I Rotation curve with neutral hydrogen and dark matter

    Flat rotation curve in galaxies is determined by observing neutral hydrogen which is co-distributed with dark matter. What is the rotation curve profile of neutral hydrogen in galaxies where there is less dark matter?
  10. P

    240VAC Neutral Wire Gauge?

    A transformer supplies 240VAC to a 20A circuit breaker as shown in the attached image. I believe I can use 12AWG wire for wires X1, X4, 2 & 3. However, I'm not sure what gauge wire the neutral should be. Maybe 12AWG or something larger?
  11. F

    Problem with circuit neutral

    Last weekend I was in my friend house to change an outlet from 127V to 220V. This means changing the neutral terminal from the bar inside the electrical board (dont know if that's the right rem in english) into a phase. However, I couldn't identify which neutral cable was from the circuit I...
  12. A

    A jet engine's shaft is neutral in the direction of thrust?

    I think i read somewhere that jet engine shaft is neutral,because forces at turbine and compressor cancle out,so that mean axial berings don't have force on it in direction of thrust!? (this can't be true,becsue in that case thrust will be zero...) But if this is true ,against what pressure...
  13. W

    I Detection of Neutral Currents

    In decay processes where no mixing between quark families is present, the mediator of the weak force is the neutral ##Z^0## boson. If that is the case, how is it experimentally possible to detect neutral currents in processes such as: $$\bar{\nu}_\mu + e \rightarrow \bar{\nu}_\mu + e$$ What...
  14. lLehner95

    Why is eta meson decay into 3 neutral pions forbidden?

    I started combining 2 pions: ##|\pi ^{0},\pi ^{0} >=\sqrt{\frac{2}{3}}|2,0>-\sqrt{\frac{1}{3}}|0,0>## What should i do now? Should i continue combining the third pion or can i already say that it's forbidden? If yes, why? Is it because the state antisymmetric, impossible for two bosons?
  15. Parzeevahl

    Pressure and Volume of a Neutral Hydrogen Cloud

    Here's how I approached it. We know the total mass of the cloud, it is given. Let's call it 'M'. We can also find out the mass of a single hydrogen atom from its atomic weight. Let's call this 'm'. Then N = M / m is the total number of hydrogen atoms in the cloud. The temperature (T) is given...
  16. S

    AC Current versus AC Voltage on the Neutral Wire of AC Mains

    Sir how can one explain with the help of an analogy to a grade 10th student the reason behind not getting a shock on touching the neutral wire of the household AC circuit, even though the current flows alternately through live as well as neutral wires.
  17. Philip Koeck

    The average potential inside an electrically neutral solid

    If a solid (a few nm diameter) was placed in vacuum inside a grounded hollow sphere, but without touching the sphere (zero gravity), qualitatively what would the potential inside this solid be on average? In other words I don't want to look so closely that I see the potential wells of the...
  18. P

    Unbalanced 3 phase power - what happens without a neutral wire?

    Hi I've recently started learning about electrical three phase theory, and therefore got some questions. Imagine the following: Countries like Albania, Norway ++, have IT earthing configuration in their distribution grids, i.e. the neutral point is not solidly grounded, however "grounded"...
  19. maxd23

    A neutral conducting cylindrical shell

    Homework Statement A neutral conducting cylindrical shell with inner radius b and outer radius c surrounds a charged insulated cylinder of radius a at its center whose volume charge density varies radially away from the center as ρ(r) = ρ0 (1− r / a) . A cross-sectional view is shown. (a)...
  20. opus

    Learning Go: Why is the Empty Spot Neutral?

    Trying to learn the game Go. I have a question in regards to the uploaded pic. Why is the empty spot neutral? Couldnt white just place a stone there and capture all of the black stones since all of blacks liberties would be taken?
  21. Q

    B Neutral pion quark composition help

    Hi guys, Merry Christmas to you all! I wanted to know whether a neutral pion can be made up of a strange quark and an anti-strange quark. I know that the kaon is the only strange meson and all variations contain an s quark but wouldn't the strangeness be zero in an s quark/anti-s quark pair as...
  22. Kevin J

    How do you calculate voltage drop across neutral and ground?

    In our practical world, the voltage between the neutral wire and the ground is not exactly 0V, and there's some small current passing through the wire connecting the neutral wire to the ground, how do you mathematically calculate this voltage drop?
  23. Kevin J

    B How do you make neutral wire 'neutral'?

    At first I always imagine that there were 2 live wires connected to a source and a load, and one of them is connected to the ground via an additional wire, but apparently people said this is wrong, because it would just blow the fuse, as you are 'short circuit' - ing the connection. Is this true?
  24. Kevin J

    Confusion about this Live & Neutral Circuit Problem

    The left circuit is a simple live&neutral circuit, it is neutral (0V), because it is in fact 'grounded'. If I unplug the wire connection to the ground, makes both wire, live. Now, If I replace the grounding connection with a person, why would he receive the shock, doesn't the man 'neutralize'...
  25. Kevin J

    B Is it dangerous to touch neutral wire?

    If I touch the neutral wire while the circuit is still connected, will I get the same electrical shock as if I touch the live wire?
  26. B

    Random electron striking a neutral conductor

    if a random electron strikes a neutral conductor does it get absorbed and increase the voltage of the conductor
  27. HCverma

    What's the difference between neutral and stable?

    What's the difference between neutral and stable? As an example of H2. Here two H atoms combine and make an H2 molecule. Now two H atoms are neutral as they have the same number of protons and electrons. So the H2 molecule is neutral. on the other hand. Two H atoms combine through a covalent...
  28. HCverma

    When the nucleus of H atom is neutral?

    The nucleus of the H atom is neutral when it has two electrons and one proton (when forming a covalent bond) or it has one electron and one proton.
  29. HCverma

    Are Cl2, O2 , H2 etc neutral molecules?

    Are Cl2, O2 , H2 etc are nutral molecules? As we know their atoms are neutral such as Cl. It has 17 protons and 17 electrons. Because it has the equal number of protons and electrons, it is a natural element. But when two Cl atoms combine through covalent bond by sharing a pair of electrons...
  30. C

    A few questions regarding Neutral Objects

    1. Homework Statement Hello, I'm learning electricity and I'm having a few conceptual questions regarding the subject ( especially about neutral objects ) which I'm unsure of the answers and I'd be happy if someone could help me:1. Is the charge density of a neutral object ( doesn't matter if...
  31. D

    Single phase AC 3 wire neutral conductor shock potential?

    I have a question with regard to split single phase (in United States) electricity. I understand that there are 2 hot legs each 180 degrees out of phase at +120v and -120v (240v between hot legs) going from transformer to breaker box and a center tapped neutral Earth bonded wire at 0v with...
  32. J

    Can a neutral insulator be attracted to a charged object?

    Homework Statement Hi all. I'm a teacher and one of my students asked me a question I couldn't answer today. It's a multiple choice question: A neutral object is attracted to an electrically charged rod. The two are not touching. The neutral object: A. is a conductor B. is an insulator C...
  33. G

    AC Phase hotter than Neutral?

    I was vacuuming my house, the vacuum cleaner is 1600w rated I remember, then i unplugged the cord from wall socket and I observed something interesting , and to be honest I remember I have seen this before with my washing machine and elsewhere, when I take out the plug from the wall socket I...
  34. A

    Are the terminals of a Battery neutral?

    So I've been learning how batteries work. What I learned is that a battery consists of 2 pieces of metal both with different electronegativities. These metals react with an electrolyte. One metal (called the anode) is oxidized and has its electrons removed, leaving behind a positive ion which...
  35. G

    I Bremmstrahlung in neutral atom collisions

    I found an old paper online (1962) I think, stating that bremmstahlung occurs between different neutral atoms in collisions. Am I correct in assuming that this will result in frequencies outside of the usual line broadening mechanisms? Thanks
  36. J

    Why are the motor brushes not placed in the magnetic neutral axis?

    In given figure of interpoles connection for a DC Machine, why the carbon brushes connected to the commutator are not placed in the Magnetic neutral axis? The given position will induce more sparking. Interpoles solution is from following website...
  37. G

    If atoms are neutral, how do they share electrons

    Homework Statement If atoms are neutral, then how do they share electrons with each other? In the ionic bonding the metal requires very little energy do release its valence electrons, but once they are free, I don't see a force of attraction from the non metal nucleus because it is balanced...
  38. Q

    How do I calculate the force between a charged and a neutral sphere

    Homework Statement Two otherwise identical, small conducting spheres have charges +6.0 µC and −2.0 µC. When placed a distance r apart, each experiences an attractive force of 9.1 N. The spheres are then touched together and moved back to a distance r apart. Find the magnitude of the new force...
  39. VSayantan

    Electrostatics, Neutral Points

    Statement Four point charges, Q, -Q, Q, -Q, are placed at the four ends of a horizontal square of side a as shown in the figure above. What are the neutral points? The attempt at a solution The square is not exactly aligned parallel in its plane, say XY. So, the center is not a neutral point...
  40. M

    Why do 2 d not decay into alpha particle and neutral pion?

    Homework Statement The reaction dd → απ0 (where α is the Helium-4 nucleus and d denotes the deuteron) has never been observed. Why? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] So I checked first the masses to make sure energy/momentum are conserved and found out that mass of 2d is...
  41. J

    I On the decay of the neutral Sigma particle

    Hello! I wanted to ask why does the neutral Σ decay almost always to one γ(or two) and a neutral Λ. Why can't it decay to anything else? Thanks!
  42. V

    Rewriting neutral gauge bosons (EW) for vacuum with Y=-1

    Homework Statement So, my textbook proposes a to check what will change in mass and mass eigenvectors of Z and photon in terms of ##W_{3}## and ##B_{\mu}## fields in Higgs mechanism for EW if we choose a vacuum hypercharge to be -1 and compare results to SM (where we know that photon is...
  43. N

    220VAC from broken neutral feed

    My brother had something (squirrel?) break the neutral wire from the pole to the house a while back. He said all the lights dimmed, some of the appliances started to hum loud and it blew a couple breakers. After resetting the breakers and poking around a bit he eventually took a reading, found...
  44. Wrichik Basu

    Neutral wire in electric power distribution between substations

    I had learned from a book in a lower class that electric power distribution from the generating station is done in phases. Like in India, we have three phases of power transmission: the red, green and yellow colours distinguish the three phases. I believe the same is the case in any other...
  45. Pushoam

    Attractive force between a charge q and neutral conducting sphere

    Homework Statement I uploaded the Ex. 3.2. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution On the spherical surface, the potential due to q'' at center is going to be constant. q''= V0 R\kLet's say that the potential of the neutral conducting sphere is V0. Now, to calculate the force of...
  46. bachir1994

    Neutral current in three-phase systems

    Hello, In three-phase systems, star coupling for example, and in the case where single-phase sources are supplied using the three phases L1, L2 and L3 with a common neutral return, My first question is: when one is balanced il1 = il2 = Il3 is what the current flowing in the neutral is...
  47. arivero

    A Exploring the Discovery of Neutral Currents: A Look into Unexpected Findings

    <Moderator's note: thread split off from https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/lhc-absence-of-supersymmetric-particles.917829/> I wonder how unexpected, or not, was the discovery of neutral currents.
  48. russ_watters

    Is Biomass Carbon Neutral?

    I'm going to pick on Germany a bit here, based on something I recently learned in the solar power thread: About 9% of Germany's power is produced by wood biomass burning, second only to wind in their "renewable" sector. Clearly, wood can be "renewable", but to me the more important question is...
  49. A

    How can the neutral outer core generate a magnetic field?

    Even if the outer core is convecting and conductive it is still charge neutral, so how can a Magnetic field be generated? Maxwells Equation say there needs to be net charge moving for a Magnetic field to be generated.