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Neutron Absortion cross section for an element

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    I recently saw the Evaluated Nuclear Data File provided by Brookhaven national lab., where in i saw the plot of "Neutron Energy Vs cross section (total)" for different elements. http://www.nndc.bnl.gov/sigma/index.jsp?as=1&lib=endfb7.0&nsub=10

    Now what i am interested in is, can we derive or get the asbsorption c/s, scattering c/s (elastic and inelastic) out of this total c/s "for any element" (i mean can we seperate out absorption c/s,scattering c/s out of total c.s.). If possible how..? let me know if there are any links..

    Thank you
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    The ENDF also contains the various partial cross-sections. There is no way to separate out the components.
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    Ya it contains elastic scattering c/s part, but not the absorption part. May be we will get it by deducting elastic scatt c/s, and other c/s in total c/s i guess.
    Thank you for ur reply Mr Mathman.
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    Absorption cross section in ENDF is MT# 27 which is the sum of the total fission and radiative capture cross sections.
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    There is another part to the website that should provide what you want;


    If it's not obvious how to use it, just ask...
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    Thanks a lot Mr. QuantumPion and Mr. cmb, this discussion forum is a nice learning process for me. However, it takes me a little more time to understand this c/s fully, but soon i wll come up with it., and if there are any difficulties i wl be happy to ask u again..
    thanks PF..
    Santhosh Malkapur
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