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Neutron Generator Applications

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    I was wondering if some of you could describe a couple of the applications of a neutron generator and or suggest some further reading on the types of such?
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    Have you read the wiki entry for it? I assume so.

    One important use of a neutron source is the study of how neutrons interact with biological structures and cause damage to the system. Neutrons are very damaging to living cells. Neutrons can be as damaging as heavy charged particles (ie fully ionized heavy nuclei) to a cell and are therefore very important to the health of Astronauts from a radiation shielding point of view.
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    Yeah i read that, not much there really. The links are usefull though.

    More information at

    http://www.nsd-fusion.com/core-tech.php [Broken]
    http://www.nsd-fusion.com/howtouse.php [Broken]
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    Neutron diffraction is one application.

    Neutron radiography is another important application. Neutron radiagraphy is particularly useful in looking at hydrogen distribution in metals.

    Neutron radiography is also useful for looking across big objects (e.g. trucks and containers). Neutrons are more penetrating than X-rays, and are subject to less scatter.
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