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Neutron induced Swelling tutorials in ANSYS

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    Dear all,

    I am gautama currently pursuing my M.Tech in Fast breeder reactor at IGCAR. The project is based on the fuel sub assembly bowing due to thermal, swelling gradients. Using a FEM software ANSYS i have modelled the Sub assembly, but i am not able to give swelling parameter in ANSYS. Anyone who knows it please help me. You can also send me a PM.

    Thanks in advance
    Gautham, Manipal University
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    Is one modeling SS316L?

    Usually, swelling is correlated with the lattice damage, or displacements per atom (dpa), which itself often correlated to fast fluence (which is spectrally dependent). There are also compositional, irradiation temperature and dose rate (and history) influences, so one has to be careful when applying models obtained from the literature.
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    Thank you for your reply.Ya the material is SS316 LN. But i am still not clear how to input swelling in ANSYS??
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    One has to develop a user routine, e.g., USERSW, to model swelling in ANSYS.

    Read the ANSYS documentation - Guide to ANSYS User Programmable Features.
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    Thanks for the info..Sir, do you have any sub routines to develop a model?? can you pls mail me tat?? bcs no sub routines are available to refer and develop my model.And also if u have any swelling tutorials pls mail me..
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