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New engineering graduate student seeking advice

  1. Feb 14, 2013 #1

    I am a new engineering graduate student who did my undergraduate study in mathematics. I am now a few weeks into my first semester and I am in an advanced internal combustion engine class which I am sorely under prepared for.

    I have tried going to my school's library and checking out several books on introductory chemical combustion, but these books either assume slightly more than what I already know about chemistry or start from a point in particle and quantum physics which makes it difficult to follow to the point they actually start talking about chemical combustion.

    I have tried talking to my school's academic support center for tutoring on the subject, but they don't have anyone who knows chemical combustion. I'm seeking a solution of either a good book with problems I can work as well as a way to check the accuracy of my answers, or a tutoring solution. I really don't want to have to withdraw from this course to preserve my GPA, but I will if I feel it has come to a point that I feel my GPA is threatened. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Send me a PM. I have some notes from a senior undergrad IC engines course that you may find useful. Include the name of the textbook you are using.
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