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New Gorgeous Video from Deep Impact

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    You may remember Deep Impact was launched in 2005 with the mission of blasting a 370kg bullet into a comet. Now it has taken a remarkable video from a vantage point of 50 million km away of a spinning earth, complete with visible continents and weather systems, with a transit of the moon in front. What struck me was the speed of the transit from this angle: faster than the earth's rotation. Wow!
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    link does not work for me, the website shows a broken quiktime icon, anyone else have this problem, maybe i need quiktime but im on my work computer, is there an alternative link?
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    I just got a blank window, however I was able to right click and download the clip.
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    The link worked fine for me.
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    Wow, that's quite a sight.
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    Amazing. I don't know if it is asking a lot or not, but is there a way to get a higher definition video?
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