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News New Hampshire voters worried about U.S. image

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    http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20071012/ts_nm/usa_politics_world_dc [Broken]

    Notice most said the US needs to only change its image & not necessarily change what it does; that guy Bill Anderson has the right idea though. That lady who tried to say "it's a jealous world" & people in other countries are just "jealous of their freedoms & riches" is hardly worth responding to. Even though Canada is just across the border & has had a per-capita GDP about 75% of the US's since WW2, there are no Canadians jealous of the US's riches. (not that I know of anyway) I mean the percentage of Canadians jealous of the US's riches is not greater than 0.0000%. She should try going to another country & spouting that nonsense.
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    Perhaps she wasn't talking about Canada?
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    perhaps people jealous of the US's riches freedoms don't exist? I think that's much more likely.
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